Introducing My Highlighter Collection 

The current highlighters I have are Chit Chat highlighter from Poundland and Make up Base by HEMA. I’ve had the Poundland highlighter for almost a year and nine months now, and I can honestly say that I love it. It comes in a glass bottle that is similar to a nail varnish bottle, and in fact looks just like one of Nails Inc’s bottles. I’ve heard it’s a great dupe for Benefit Cosmetics High Beam primer (which costs £19.50) . I haven’t tried High Beam yet but hope to. I will review it as soon as I do! 

Chit Chat Highlighter (Poundland) 
Chit Chat highlighter is the first product that I have ever tried from Poundland’s make-up range and I was given it by my sister for Christmas 2013 (thanks sis! ) So far, I’ve used only half the bottle, but have got great results from it. The pale pink is quite a warm colour and a medium texture which isn’t too thin and easily blends into my skin, and because of the applicator you can use as much or as little as you please to get the coverage you require the finish is a subtle shimmer which does not show under powder and therefore does not detract from the overall look of a subtly prepped face. It works well under foundation, and with face powder on top, it doesn’t look too “overdone” or “caked on”. 
 The only thing I find i don’t like about it is that the brush is quite small and when I have to angle the brush on its side to get the product to the contours of my face (not easy for me due to lack of range of movement in my hands and wrists)  it is quite scratchy but never mind. 

For just £1 , this is a great value product especially as it contains 12 mL of product (the same as a larger size nail varnish such as one from Rimmel London). The only thing that I would change about it would be the packaging and make it more user friendly.
Verdict: 9.5/10

Make up Base by HEMA 

This primer is presented in a black and white tube, and contains 30 mL of product. It is quite thick, and, like the eyeshadow primer from the same range, it has a white colour, which, together with the thick texture, makes it more difficult to blend into my skin, despite the fact I have a pale complexion. It takes a long time to blend, even though I use a make-up sponge wedge to apply it. This product is more expensive than the Chit Chat highlighter , and costs €5.50/ £5.50 . 

It feels very sticky on application, and leaves a lot of shine on my skin which I don’t particularly like. I have to use my foundation and a few layers of powder on top to get rid of this shine and to get a more more matte finish because the colour contrast between this product and that of my foundation/powder is so different. The product claims to mattify,  smooth and calm the skin. It doesn’t mattify or smooth my skin well, but it doesn’t irritate my skin, so I can take that as the fact that it lived up to its calming claim for me 🙂 

I’ve had this a few months now as I have bought HEMA’s eyeshadow primer three times and wanted to see what the makeup primer is like. I don’t think I’ll be buying this again- I much prefer BB creams to this to be honest, and you get more benefits with a BB cream tha this product can offer. 

When I buy a new skin highlighter, it’ll be a BB cream, Chit Chat Highlighter from Poundland, or a completely different brand of highlighter. HEMA’s primer is too expensive for what it is, and for a few pounds/euros more, I can get a good BB cream from a brand like Rimmel or Garnier which will be much more beneficial for my skin and my bank balance. 
Verdict: 2/10

You can see a sample of each product and what it looks like on my skin in my photo for this blog post. 

1 is  Poundland’s Chit Chat Highlighter 

2 is HEMA’s Make up Base. 

To sum up ……….

I think what has been proven to me in this post is that you don’t have to spend loads to get a great skin primer and that quality , quantity and ease of application vary a lot between brands. I wasn’t expecting a perfect highlighter  for £1, but it’s as near perfect as I’ve been able to find so far in a product that isn’t a mulripurpose BB cream. 

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