Review: HEMA Mattifying Compact Powder in Shade 21

I bought this a few months ago, and I’ve used it quite a lot. As with many powders, a little goes a long way with this. It has good coverage. This is the first time I’ve ever used compact powder from HEMA, and as soon as I saw they had some in their range of cosmetics, I was interested in trying it. The first thing that attracted me to the product was its price- a snip at only 6€. If I hadn’t have found this powder, I’d have bought a face powder from Sephora which would have cost twice as much. There were no testers but as soon as I got back and Alfredo cut the clear protective packaging off for me, I knew it was a good buy. It comes with a powder puff and a mirror. Admittedly the powder puff is very thin compared to one I bought for applying loose face powder, but it’s good enough to use if you want to create a really matte look when applying the powder. I don’t use the powder puff often because the product left on there means germs build up and I don’t want them on my face. Incidentally, I tried cleaning the puff with Sephora Brush Cleaner (spray) but it messed up the texture of the puff a bit and didn’t get it clean, so I used hand soap  and water and that worked fine- lesson learnt! 

 I apply the powder using HEMA’s All Over Powder Brush which I reviewed some time ago. I don’t especially like this brush, but it serves it’s purpose and I don’t want my money to go to waste so I’m using it. I prefer to use my Sephora powder brush which came as part of a brush set I bought ages ago and is by Sephora Collection. 

When I saw the selection of colours that were available for this powder, I saw they were all quite dark. Then I saw shade # 21 which is luckily the right shade for my skin tone, natural but not so light it’s too pale. The powder has silk extract and it’s so soft on application it’s barely noticeable. I always put a tissue over my clothes to protect them when  applying it, or any powder-based makeup (powder, eyeshadow blusher etc) as although it’s a pressed powder, some excess still falls off the brush. This way, the tissue also catches some powder too which I use for any touch-ups.  The packaging looks smart too, and the compact easily fits into a small makeup bag (it has to be rectangle-shaped and quite deep so it’ll fit well). 

I’m pleased with the application and finish as well as the shade of this powder and for this price I’ll definitely buy it again! It controls oil better than I thought it would and keeps my skin shine free and feeling soft all day. 

Verdict: 10/10 


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