Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: This Week’s Buys Plus a Birthday Wish For My Love!  

This Monday, I was really excited to get to Lidl early as I’d seen in their latest offers catalogue that they would be selling just the things I love- clothes and makeup. I’d never heard of the brand of makeup they were selling before (Boulevard de Beaute) but as soon as I saw the three cute compacts in the magazine, I fell in love with their vintage look and the  eyeshadow colours they  had in them. They cost €3.99 each and fortunately they weren’t completely sealed so I was able to check out the colours in the shop. As they were all colours I’d wear, I bought all three: Charming Nude Eyes, Amazing Smoky Eyes and Pretty Bright Eyes. 
1, 2 and 3 Boulevard De Beaute compacts €3.99 each (x3) 

4.Cien Hair Masque Dyed & Highlighted Hair 300ml€1.99- L’Oreal Elvive Mssk for Coloured/ Highlighted Hair dupe! That costs €4.50, I could get 2 of Lidl’s with 52 cents left over for the same price if I want to next time. 

5. Cien Soft Moisturising Cream  250ml pot €1.99- Nivea Soft dupe! Smells the same and is the same texture. Just as quickly absorbed. I’ve started using this already! I’m using it as a hand cream. 

6. Cien Q10 Night Cream €2.99-special offer.

 7. Capri pants in grey with silver glitter 2 pairs €6.99 each. 

8. Beige  Plain and Leopard Print Socks €2.99 

9. White socks with spots, black and white leopard print and plain grey socks €2.99 

Today is my wonderful partner Alfredo’s birthday! Happy Birthday Alfredo!I love you so much and am so happy to be by your side. I sent him an ecard and we are going out for lunch to our favourite Italian restaurant as soon as I’ve finished this post. 

I’ll review everything I bought as I use it as usual so look out for the reviews! Have a great Sunday! 


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