Review: Kiko Makeup Milano Smart  Lipsticks – # 10 # 14 and # 25 

I love lipsticks, and when I saw these on sale at Kiko Makeup Milano in Westfield London (White City) I couldn’t resist  a peek. They were lumped together with body lotions and treatment lotions and there weren’t many shades available to tell the truth, but I did find some I love. 

Shade # 10 is a  classic red shade that I bought because I know it’ll never go out of style. 

Shade  # 14 is a pale brown, which now I come to think of it, is the perfect replacement for my lipstick I used up ages ago, Zara’s lipstick in Gingerbread– although Gingerbread is a darker shade. 

Shade #25 looks to be quite shockingly orange, but isn’t really. It’s more a pale orange but looks quite coral- toned.  Great for a summer/ autumn look. I’ve had orange lipsticks before, and they quite suit me. 

I got each lipstick for  £2  and so it was a bargain compared to the usual £3.50. Unfortunately, since I bought these lipsticks, Kiko have renewed their shades for the Smart Lipstick range, which is the range these lipsticks are from. See the full range of new shades here

All the lipsticks I have are comfortable to wear, and glide on well. I love the sleek black and silver packaging too! 

I’ll buy these again, but in different colours and have yet to find a colour replacement for them. I’ll let you know if/ when I do. Fortunately though, I have enough product in these lipsticks to last me awhile yet. 

Verdict: 7/10 


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