Review: Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner 

Those of us who use makeup often will all have our secrets to keeping brushes clean. Over the years, I’ve used liquid hand soap in warm water and washing up liquid in warm water, but I found this ruined my brushes and changed the texture of them, from soft and manageable to stiff and straw-like. Some became unusable as they were not flexible any more and had to be binned. It even made them deform as they dried. Then, I heard about “brush sprays and shampoos” 

I bought the Sephora Collection Brush Cleaner sometime last year when I needed other things from Sephora too. Before buying it, I was reading up about the current trend for makeup brush cleaning sprays and shampoos. As with all new products, I’ll try them if they’re within my budget. I got on the Sephora site and browsed brush cleaners. There were brands like Make up Forever, which sells a brush cleaning spray for €20 and you get 30ml of product. Then, another product caught my eye: Bare Minerals Brush Shampoo which I think will be the best value-for-money at €11 for 120ml. Last but not least is Sephora’s own brand (Sephora Collection) which sell a brush spray that’s 60ml (2 floz)  for €6.20. Now, 60ml (2 fl oz) may not sound a lot to you, and it didn’t to me and that’s why I was a bit reluctant to buy it but my new product trial guru won over and I bought it. It actually ended up costing me €5.30 because I had a money off voucher as I have a Sephora Black Loyalty Card. 

Pleased and intrigued by this purchase, I rushed home to try it. As you know by now, I use my products sparingly. The chic black and white monochrome packaging and small spray bottle are just the right size to store in a drawer or makeup bag (the clear lid fits securely but not too tightly onto the top of the spray nozzle, and the product doesn’t leak from the bottle, despite sometimes being knocked on its side by other products in my beauty product drawer. My trick is to spray the product once or twice but no more than three times at the most onto a cotton wool pad. The amount of spray I’ll use varies on the size of the brush: 
Eyeshadow applicators and small brushes-1 spray

Brushes used for concealer/ foundation/face powder- 2 sprays 

Large blusher/ bronzer brushes- 3 sprays. 
I’ll slowly swipe each brush against the cotton wool pad until excess product comes off, and then leave the brush/ applicator on top of the cotton wool pad I used to air dry until the bristles or applicator pads are fully dry. This way, any more excess that may come off while the brush is drying will fall onto the cotton wool. 

* I first tried this with a tissue, but the spray made the tissue too wet and disintegrated. 
The spray is quick-drying, and the formula cares for my brushes. The scent of the product is a little strong though, but the cleaning power is amazing and my brushes are always like new afterwards. What I like most about the product is that a little really does go a long way. I’m still on my first bottle and think I have at least a month’s worth of product left until I finish it. It’s much better value for money then I first realised because of this. The fact that there’s no water or rinsing required makes it one of my favourite products. It’s so easy to use 🙂 Fortunately, I just got another Sephora discount voucher through the post, just in time to stock up on more of this as well as other Sephora products- yay! 
Verdict: 9.5/10


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