Review: It’s My Beautiful Skin Day Hydrating and Mattifying Skin Tonic for Oily/ Combination Skin) HEMA

When I first started using this, I noticed how it tightened my pores straight away. The colour is really bright blue, but don’t let that put you off. It’s specially formulated for oily/ combination skin and is easy to apply. My skin felt well toned after I applied it after using the cleansing lotion I’m using at the moment (HEMA’s Cucumber Cleansing Milk  which I love and which is coming to an end). It’s a little harsh on my skin but not as harsh as some I mentioned in a recent blog post- OXY and Clearasil. The quantity you get is good-250ml- and it only costs £2/€2. When I use it, even now that I’m halfway through the bottle, I still get a tingling sensation on my skin which may mean the product is working, I’m not sure. I’ve decided that it’s not my favourite product because my skin doesn’t feel that fresh or hydrated  after using it. It wasn’t well mattified either. In fact, it felt a little dry. 

 I’m tempted to spend a bit more and buy a toner I really like next time. The price-quality balance for this product is good if you’re on a budget though. I’m not saying it’s an awful product, it just didn’t work for me. I hope it does for you. 
Verdict: 6/10


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