Review: Sephora Collection Colourful Mono Eyeshadow in Starry Sky (#55) 

I bought this after I finished a similar shadow by Bourjois as I had a 20% off Sephora voucher and didn’t have any sparkly grey eyeshadow left. Aptly named Starry Sky to symbolise the night sky full of stars, this shadow is a dark charcoal grey with silver glitter. It’s described as “black glitter” eyeshadow on the Sephora website), but to my eyes it doesn’t look black. 

The silver glitter doesn’t really show up much and gives a sparkle, much less than I thought it would though. I find I don’t have to apply very much at all to get a dramatic result which really brings out the colour in, and flatters, my blue eyes. The glitter adds subtle glamour. 

The packaging is classic black with a clear part in the lid (made of plastic) which you can see the shadow through. The small round shape means the eyeshadow fits easily into my makeup bag. 

Manual dexterity is an issue for me, and so opening and closing eyeshadows can take awhile or be impossible depending on the packaging. Fortunately, this and other Sephora eyeshadows don’t take so long as other brands for me to open. The name and eyeshadow number is too small for me to see on the back, but my partner read this out to me when I was looking through Sephora’s huge selection of shadows online. 

This cost €10.50 at the time I bought it, which is the normal price for a Sephora shadow, but with my discount, I got it for €8.40. Even this price is more than I’d usually spend on a mono shadow, but the quality is great so I don’t mind. 

It has no applicator or mirror and so isn’t great on that score if you’re looking for a shadow with packaging that has those extras. 

 That doesn’t matter to me though because I much prefer to use my own, long-handled brushes. I’ll definitely buy this again as it’s a colour I love, although I mostly buy eyeshadow compacts. I have a shadow that looks like this one in my Sephora Medium Makeup Bag palette, but it’s impossible to tell if it is the same shadow or not because the shadows in the palette are all unnamed. I’d summarise this as a sophisticated colour perfect for a glamorous evening look, or also if you want some sparkle during the day- just don’t layer it too much as the colour is already intense. It looks so chic and glamorous though! 🙂 
Verdict: 8/10 


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