Review: Sephora Collection Colorful Strass Mono Eyeshadow  in #06 : Turquiose with Silver Glitter. 

I don’t know how long I’ve had this because I bought it in the sale. I remember it cost 3€ though. This was back when Sephora put a great and varied selection of products on sale, not like the shop’s sales nowadays and in recent years which I feel don’t compare. The shadow is in the old style packaging which says “Sephora Colorful” on the front, but the basic features are the same as the current, small, circular black pots with a clear part in the lid so the shadow can be seen. The shadow is a pale , iridescent turquoise with silver glitter. It seems to have  way more glitter in than the Starry Sky shadow I reviewed a few days ago. It’s a very pretty colour, and reminds me of mermaids and of the Caribbean or Meditterranean sea. I usually don’t choose blue eyeshadows because of my blue eyes, but do know that of the blue shades of shadow, turquoise is one shade that looks great on blue eyes. This shade has added sparkle because of the glitter, and I have to apply three layers of shadow if I want a bolder colour because the shade is naturally really light. 

The shade is called “Strass #06“. I tend to wear it more in spring and summer. I only wear it occasionally though as I prefer natural colours on the whole. When I bought it I was looking for shades outside my normal natural palette of colours that would accentuate my eyes. There’s lots of glitter, and that’s great, but the colour is much too light and just barely-there. I’d say it’s OK if you want a wash of colour with sparkle, as that’s basically what this is. 

In this link which talks about Sephora Collection Strass Eyeshadows you can see all the names of the shades available. I was looking for it on the Sephora site, but found this useful Q and A  instead, which says this range of shadows has been discontinued. From the shades mentioned, I’d have chosen a different one if I could, but Strass #06 was the only one available at the time. From the Q and A, I agree that there’s too much glitter and not enough colour in the product. I noticed this too, but luckily I didn’t have glitter all over my face like I did with Sephora’s Glitter Mascara and Eyeliner. 

I’m glad the product isn’t sold anymore, as I wouldn’t buy it again, certainly not in the shade I tried. I have yet to find a product within the Sephora Collection eyeshadow range with glitter in it that  has a great colour coverage to glitter amount ratio  and that I’m really satisfied with. Suggestions would be great- leave a comment below if you have any. 

Verdict: 2/10 


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