Review: Sephora Colorful Pearl Mono Eyeshadow – Pearl No. 07 (soft Bronze Pearl)

I bought this eyeshadow years ago (on the same day I bought the Sephora Strass Mono eyeshadow.) What I thought was a light brown eyeshadow is actually described by Sephora as a ” soft bronze.” The eyeshadow has a really subtle shine to it, but not as much as a Sephora “shimmer” shadow, so for example not as much as the Mango Shake shadow I reviewed recently which is classified by Sephora as a “shimmer” shadow. This is why I think that I am so easily able to get away with using the shadow as either a base shadow or a shadow to complement other eyeshadow colours if I want a different look. I use it mostly as a base shadow because it is a really natural colour. The good thing about it is that it’s not so light that it cannot be seen on my skin. It really contrasts well with the colour of my eyes, and, in contrast to the glitter eyeshadow that I reviewed yesterday, I think this was worth every cent of the three euros that I paid for it in the sale. I’m just sorry that I didn’t buy two of this shade rather than leaving the glitter one behind, but as they say you never know what something is going to be like unless you try it. I would highly recommend this shadow as a base shadow or used with other colours that complement it. Either way, it looks very sophisticated! It’s easy to blend, but the colour shows up much better than either Mango Shake (#83) or Strass #06, at least on my skin. This shadow seems to be another of the discontinued ones on the Sephora website, but there are many similar shades still available. This colour  lasts all day and I really like it. 

Verdict: 10/10


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