Getting Ready To Go Green For World Cerebral Palsy Awareness  Day 2015

So it’s the end of another month and next month is October which just so happens to be the month Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day is in. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to join the World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day movement and posted my story onto the map on the website

I  asked for images and was sent these: 

Placard images in both English and Spanish (I’m bilingual). 


 A logo I can  use on all social networks and my blogs
I was also sent an image for my Facebook  timeline


I celebrate not just the US Cerebral Palsy Awareness  Day  which is in March, as, although I’m not from there   myself , I do have Facebook friends with  CP  who are. I  also celebrare also the World Cerebral Palsy awareness day.  I celebrate both  events every year. 

To gain awareness, I would like to share the images that I have with you and ask you to please spread the word using them in any way you can. It would also be great if you could share this blog post. Obviously, I will be wearing something green on the day but want to get some momentum going early this year! 

As it turned out, I was one of the first 500 people to post my story on the map on the World CP Day site. 

This is what the map looks like now- I need your help to spread awareness, so if you or a family member has CP and wants to help, go to the World CP Day website and enter it in before the big day on October 7th!  Stories have a 500 word maximum word count, so make it brief but interesting. 

 I’ll be posting another CP Day post on the day. I want to make a video slideshow of people who help me go green for CP this year so if you want to help, email me  a picture of you wearing green  with your name and why you raise CP awareness/ who you will go green for this year to, or send a message to Katherine Hayward my life with Cerebral Palsy (my awareness page on Facebook) by Sunday 4 October so I can add you to the video. I’ll be making it this weekend.

Thanks for your interest, and thanks in advance for your help


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