Review: Kiko Make up Milano Colour Sphere Duo Eyeshadow #100 Cream/ Chocolate. 

This is a duo eyeshadow from the Italian make-up and beauty product firm Kiko make up Milano and it’s split up between cream eyeshadow and a dark brown eyeshadow. The cream shadow is supposed to be used as a base shadow with the darker eyeshadow being used to highlight areas such as the corner of the eyes or the upper eyelid. Each eyeshadow can also be used on its own so with just one tiny circular palette you can get multiple  looks. I have had this since 2009, and it was my first product that I ever bought from Kiko Makeup Milano. I bought it with two Superglosses which I will review tomorrow.

 The product cost me €6,90,  and costs the same in pounds on the UK site. The good news is that, at the time of writing this,  it’s down to €3,40, or £3.40. Kiko has regular sales throughout the year. 

Like the Sephora eyeshadows , these do not come with a mirror or an applicator which gives you the freedom to use whatever mirror and applicator you like when using them. The eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry and blend easily. The packaging is black with a clear lid, and is secure and compact enough to take anywhere. 

There are many other shades in the Kiko Makeup Milano Colour Sphere range. See this link.
Verdict: 7/10


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