There She Grows

Good words from my friend Jessica



As summer comes to a close, I’ve been thinking what this year’s theme is. It’s been a relatively quiet one for me. No fancy vacations, late night parties, road trips with friends,and certainly no steamy romance. I found myself longing for those things a bit as I scrolled through my social media. On the other side of that longing though. was an intense need for self preservation. I purposely kept social activity to a minimum, in an effort to take better care of myself. I started to feel myself wearing thin physically, emotionally, and mentally. I could barely answer texts or phone calls, I only left the house when necessary or on the few occasions I felt up to it. I did however, sign up for an adaptive yoga course. I love yoga because it’s soothing but still gives a good stretch.

I was recently recounting my uneventful summer and…

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