Review: Kiko Makeup Milano Supergloss in #105 (Pearly Salmon Pink) and #115 (Pearly Bordeaux)

As I promised you yesterday, I’m going to review Kiko Makeup Milano’s Supergloss. This is one of my favourite products by them and so far I have two shades: #105 and #115. I’ll start by reviewing shade #105. 

Shade #105:Pearly Salmon Pink 


Supergloss # 105 Gloss image and swatches

Exactly as the name suggests, this is a salmon pink with a pearly finish and high shine. I wear this colour a lot during the day, or team it with dark smoky eyes at night. It’s quite a pink nude, but a very natural tone. 

Shade #115: Pearly Bordeaux 


Supergloss # 115 gloss image and swatches

This shade is a dark pink-red wine shade and also has a lot of shine. I use this exclusively for evenings or if it’s a special occasion. 

Both are in tubes which are a simple, slender and straight design so they easily fit in a makeup bag or handbag. The applicators are quite flexible which helps when applying the product. The packaging has the store logo in black and the lid of each gloss is an attractive slightly metallic black/silver. Simple but stylish. 

I bought these glosses  for €4,90 each and they’ve lasted me since 2009. I’m pleased that something that costs this price is so good. 

The texture is what I love about these glosses, as, so far, this brand of gloss is the only stick lipgloss I’m really happy with because the gloss is just the right thickness, not thin and gloopy and not overly thick. It glides on well and gives a precise application. It isn’t sticky despite the fact I’ve had it so long and has no scent. It’s really comfortable to wear. I’m almost at the end of each gloss and I’ll buy some more when I am. The great thing about the Supergloss range is there are lots of shades to choose from 🙂 buy here


Take your pick with this great range of colours!
Verdict: 10/10


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