Review: Kiko Make up Milano Luxurious Collection Sumptuous Kohl in Refined Taupe White (01) 

Last year for my birthday, I went to Kiko Make up Milano, my other favourite make-up shop besides Sephora, where Alfredo bought me this eye pencil as well as other products as a birthday pesent. The shade I have is the nude one, But it’s also available in Black.

For years, I had been using a white eye pencil but then read on a website that cream eye pencil works much better for blue eyes, as it looks less harsh. After having used this pencil many times, I have to agree that it looks better. On the day that I bought this, I can remember getting a discount so I paid something like five euros when the eye pencil will have usually cost eight euros. I really like this product – it is creamy and easy to blend, but the only complaint I have is that it’s a retractable pencil and it is very thin and breaks off easily if you don’t just sweep it very lightly under your eyes. As with all Kiko make up Milano products, it came in a box. This was gold and very stylish looking. I really wish they’d   bring  the collection  back! 

I still have the pencil and use it regularly. This was a limited edition product, and part of the Luxurious Collection. It’s non- irritant for my eyes and looks great. It doesn’t leave an unattractive white mark like white liners do, and melts into my skin. 

I went into Kiko looking specifically for a cream/ taupe coloured eye pencil as I’d read a few days before my birthday that these colours would look good on my eyes. I have seen cream coloured eye pencils/ liners in Sephora and also on the Boots website. The one I saw on the Boots website was by Chanel and cost £17. Maybe someday if I have enough points on my Advanatge Card I’ll treat myself…….

I also looked in HEMA but they don’t have his kind of colour. It seems quite hard to find. I won’t stop until I find a replacement that fits my budget though! I’ll let you know when/ if I do. 

Verdict: 8/10 


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