Multipurpose makeup : The Body Shop Lip Scuff 

Before I bought this, I had never even heard of a scrub product for lips. Lip care has always been important to me and so when I saw this in the Body Shop a couple of years ago now I decided to buy a tube. It’s the only thing I have bought from there  in years and it is expensive at £8 a tube but it’s well worth it. Since buying it for the first time, I have used four tubes and it is a product that is a staple in my make-up bag. The product is very nicely presented in a tube the size of any standard size lipstick with a silver chrome lid with the body shop logo on it. The product itself is in a black tube and is a green shade. It has a subtle but fresh peppermint flavour about as strong as toothpaste, and the grains are really tiny. The lip scuff is slightly moulded to fit the contour of your lips better. Every time I use this, my lips feel fresh and not as dry as they sometimes do because the script removes dead skin particles as any scrub would do. Personally, I can’t find anything wrong with this product because it lasts me a long time despite the small size of the tube. £8 is more than I probably would have spent, but I can’t find a similar product anywhere else. Therefore, I don’t mind spending this much on it. That is why it is so unique to me and important that I buy this particular product to help keep my lips healthy. The good thing is that the price hasn’t changed over time and it’s still sold at £8 today. 

Verdict: 10 out of 10  


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