Review: Carrefour Cleansing Product Range for Normal/ Combination Skin 

After years of using Cien Lotus Flower Cleansing Milk and Toner from Lidl which I loved, I was in the store a few months ago and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. I went back a few times and was told it was discontinued. Unfortunately, I found this out at an especially bad moment right after I’d published a review of both products on this blog saying how great they were – oops!). Anyway, after some searching, I found products I’d read about on someone else’s blog and decided to try them. What motivated me to try them was that they have the same quantity of product as the Lidl products I was buying, but each were cheaper by about 25 cents each. “Bargain!” I thought, and spotted them in somewhere I didn’t expect- Carrefour!
 I’ve always been a bit (OK, VERY) sceptical about “cheap” cleansing products, wondering whether they do the job as well as their more expensive counterparts. I’ve also been sceptical about supermarket, own-brand cleansing ranges. as, being the “only buy beauty products from Boots/ Superdrug/ Savers/ Bodybell” person that I am which I saw as the “proper” place to buy them, I’d never considered buying supermarket own brand stuff, as I was terrified it was made badly and that the formulations would mess my skin up. It was one thing to buy, say, Boots/ Superdrug own brand cleansers and toners as they’re used to cosmetics and beauty products, but a supermarket which sells everything from cereal to fruit and veg? I’m glad I quelled my doubts a bit and I’m pleasantly surprised with Carrefour’s own brand  beauty products though. 

Here’s what I thought:  
Cleansing Milk 

250 mL for €1. This cleansing milk is quite thick so you don’t need to use very much. It’s easily absorbed into my skin and makes it feel soft and nourished, not at all greasy. 


Texture of the cleansing Milk
It has a very pleasant fresh scent although the fragrance is quite a bit stronger than the toner in the same product range. Having said that, it is easy to apply. My skin felt fresh after every use, and it removed dirt and makeup easily and thoroughly. This is the cleanser I’m using at the moment It is meant for normal/combination skin and is very pleasant to use. 

250 mL for €1. The toner is a clear liquid and has a milder and sweeter scent than the cleanser but still leaves the same fresh feel on the skin as the cleanser in the same product range. This doesn’t irritate my skin either.  
I have a feeling that I’ve just found my replacement for the Lidl cleansing products, and at an even better price – you really can’t beat getting a 250 mL cleanser and toner that perform well and are kind to your skin for just two euros!


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