My Reading List  Plus Pointers for Dewey’s Readathon.  

I love the Readathon so much!  I’m always reading anyway.The great thing about it for me is the sense of support throughout the challenge. This will be my 7th Readathon, and I take part every year in April and October,despite always having some kind of writing peoject oronline course   keeping me busy too. There’s always time for reading! 

It’s   like an oasis of calm for me amidst my busy life drafting, redrafting and planning my writing projects. I always find reading is great relaxation for my body and mind, but no matter how much I love it, I have to be careful not to overdo it as trying to focus my eyes causes me fatigue, spasms and huge headaches. Since I got my iPad almost four years ago, reading has become pleaseureable again and by adjusting a few accessibility settings, I can relax while the iPad reads my books out to me. By swiping two fingers downwards, continuous reading is so much more pleaseureable – all I have to do is listen. I find the iPad heavy and hard to lift, it’s been dropped more than once! 

I have this timetable during the Readathon where I’ll blog my progress every hour using Dragon dictation as I do for my computer/iPad work. Having two complex physical disabilities and doing challenges like this, I feel is a good way for me to get them done. I always feel satisfied afterwards and I’d do this challenge whether I had disabilities or not. The hard part is trying to encourage others to do it with me as my family isn’t into reading. I have to plan my reading a little but not much. I usually always watch films in the afternoon at weekends after my partner gets in from work, but in the name of the Readathon I skip those and record  them anyway if they’re good. I’m so into reading that I’ve sometimes begun before the Radathon starts. I like meeting people and having them cheer me on as well as me encourage them. It’s also fun getting visits from cheerleaders on my blog. 

This year, I’m thinking of reading

Sweet Valley Confidential and maybe another SVH book

Star Trek TNG book or Star Trek Into Darkness

BSC books (short and sweet) 

James Ticking Time Bomb  

Tips For You

post a variation on these each year and some may be repeated, but this is what I do to have a successful Readathon 

  1. Choose short books or a book you love – you’ll get through more that way. 
  2. Read in the format you’re most comfortable with- print books aren’t for everyone. For me, they’re heavy and ebooks and audiobooks are easiest. 
  3. Plan your day. Make some kind of timetable and stick to it 
  4. Keep to a blogging/ update schedule. 
  5. Take a relaxing shower or drink something hot to relax you 
  6. Eat healthy snacks and balanced meals
  7. Change position- I love reading in bed and am most relaxed when doing so lying down with my iPad supported as sitting is tiring and I slip a lot when doing so. I was hoping to have  my new chair by now but I don’t think that’ll happen. I split my time between bed and wheelchair and my partner transfers me. Read wherever you like: armchair, cosy book nook or on a pile of pillows on the floor, but find your relaxing spot. 
  8. Most of all, enjoy the Readathon. It’s not a race and you can always finish books later. My aim is to always read at least 1 book towards my Goodreads Challenge and if I read more it’s a bonus. 

Good luck! I’ll post my progress on my blog. 




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