Autumn (Fall) and Winter 2015  Makeup Trends 

Today, the air is chilly and it feels like autumn is really here as the temperature has plummeted over the last few days. 

I spent the last hour or so looking over the makeup collections on the Kiko Makeup Milano site, and they have some great looking Limited Edition ones  I love called Rebel Romantic and Midnight Siren. more about those tomorrow as I’m hoping to go there and buy the products I want. I’ll keep you posted about that. 

I found this article about  makeup trends for this autumn and winter. Luckily, I already  have enough natural shades  of both lipstick and eyeshadow as well as red lipsticks and grey eyeshadows to be able to create a lot of the looks. I love the feline flick  on the grey eyeshadow but can’t do that myself or apply eyeliner. I’m lucky that I have my partner to help! 

I have this really bright blue eyeshadow in my Sephora Medium Makeup Bag  Holiday Palette which I don’t like, but it’ll be ideal to try the trend with the blue shadow (to use it up so I don’t go near bright blue shadow, or any except navy, again! lol). As it was a gift though, I don’t want to waste it-  I never throw any eyeshadows away unless they’re broken beyond repair. 

Check the article out for yourself to see which trends you love! I’ll post another post when I’ve tried them out so you can see how they look . The only trend I’m not sure about is black lipstick, but where there’s a trend, there’s a way!


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