My Favourite Shop: Mango

Welcome to a new series of blog posts where I’ll blog  about my favourite shops and why I love them. First up is Mango.

I was 19 years old when I discovered Mango because a friend mentioned it. She took me down to our then-local store in The Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading, and as soon as I saw the shopfront I knew I’d love the store. I was right- the top- notch fashion was well priced, and I saw jewellery and accessories too. I’ve been mad about Spain and everything Spanish since I started learning the language when I was 11 years old at school. My only criticism is that the shop is on the small side and there’s not one in Oxford. I always knew that the shop was founded in Barcelona  and I think its popularity worldwide is great as it’s been a wardrobe favourite amongst my fellow fashionista friends and me for years. I love the materials the clothes are made out of and the colours are classic as well as very fashionable. This is my first choice for classic fashion as well as the occasional really trendy find  They have a great perfume range too, although I’ve only tried their original Mango perfume which I liked. I subscribe to their online newsletter and get their catalogue delivered each season so I can check the current fashions regularly. When they have sales, they’re full of bargains. 

*Prices range from £9.99 for a basic tshirt to £19.99-£22 for a more formal top. Jumpers/ sweaters cost around £25-£30 and £39 for pair of jeans. Coats and footwear tend to be expensive at around £50 upwards for a decent pair of ankle boots and £70 for knee highs. Jackets cost £39,99 for a simple denim jacket, around £50-£60 for  a leather one and £80 upwards for a more substantial coat. There are different ranges of products within Mango such as Mango Basics, as well as exercise clothing and a lingerie range. There’s something for everyone! 

*Prices are approximate. 


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