Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Sunday 18 October 2015 Hour 10 

I’ve been reading for 10 of the 19 hours the Readathon has been going and am still going strong. Reading is the best way to start a slightly rainy Sunday I say!  

I am now onto BSC book 13 which is called Goodbye Stacey, goodbye. I can remember having read this as a teen but can’t really remember the storyline so I’m rereading it. I finished Star Trek Into Darkness, and I had some time to drop by the Dewey’s Readathon site so I entered my books read into the database which is something I don’t think I have ever done before during previous events. My goal is to reach my hundredth book read this year for my Goodreads reading challenge, and by the time I have listened to this one I would’ve done that. My goal is to read 120 books this year, and so far I am making really good progress towards that goal and I think that I will go past it.


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