Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic : This Week’s Buys and Surprise News 

This time yesterday I was into my 7th attempt at the Dewey’s Readathon. It runs for 24 hours but I never stay up that long because I need my beauty sleep and also because I can’t because my partner works the morning shift at weekends. By the time I’d finished yesterday I was quite grateful to be in bed, and woke up early this morning to get some reading in. In total, I finished 13 books which were read to me on my kindle iPad reading app. I bought some ebooks yesterday and they were my week’s purchase. I loved reading the Babysitters Club books by Ann M. Martin as a teen and started collecting them. I thought I’d collected quite a lot but realised during the challenge that I haven’t really read very many of them after all. There are over 100! I also bought and read Sweet Valley Confidential and The Sweet Life, which is part 1 of an e serial. Both books are by Francine Pascal. I bought the novelisation of Star Trek Into Darkness as I saw the film on TV yesterday. I downloaded all the ebooks from Amazon. On Thursday I saw that a Primark flagship store has opened not far from our flat and so Alfredo and I are hopefully going to have a look there this week. Also, Lild’s makeup range is on promotion from tomorrow, and I signed up online with Kiko Makeup Milano and here are a few things I want from there… I’ll keep you posted as to what bargains I find!         


4 thoughts on “Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic : This Week’s Buys and Surprise News 

  1. I’ve been dying to re-read the Babysitters Club books!!! Did they also have a branch of the babysitters club books where they solved mysteries? I feel like they did, but maybe that was just every other series I read as a kid.

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    1. Yes, they do have a mystery series, I can’t remember the mystery series being around when I was a kid but I can remember the books and special editions. I haven’t read all of the BSC books and have lots to go and I haven’t read any of the mysteries. Luckily there are a kindle editions of the books although I don’t know whether they’re all available as a Kindle version because there are so many but I’ve seen the mysteries as Kindle ebooks as well.


      1. Kindle is a massive life saver. I don’t *want* my shelves clogged up with old BSC books (I mean if I didn’t live in a studio apartment and was in fact in a mansion with a library, sure), but I still want them. Kindle is not sponsoring this comment, I just am genuinely happy for its existence.


      2. I love my iPad Kindle reading app and have lots of paperbacks but find my iPad easier to use because of being able to adjust contrast/ letter size and font and to get the iPad to read books out to me. This is important for me because of my visual disability.
        Many of the books I do have are in boxes as the bookcase is full and I also live in an apartment with not too much room for books


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