Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: This Week’s Buys 

On Monday this week, we went to Lidl as I’d seen that they were going to be offering make-up on promotion. I was really excited about this because it is part of their image renewal. When we got to the shop in the early afternoon , the make-up selection was already practically gone with a couple of products left. I looked through the handful of nail varnishes and saw that the only ones left were glitter shades in pale gold and pale pink. I have to admit that I was just about to buy the pale pink glitter one , because I thought it looked quite pretty but then I saw a nail varnish colour that I’ve been looking for for ages: dark pink. It is actually a shade called Vintage Mauve. I love vintage stuff and so any mention of the word and I have to have whatever it is that’s called vintage!

I picked up the only bottle that was left and handed it to my partner to be put in the basket. I  then searched through their eyeshadows which were compact 3-shadow trios, and could only find colours I either have a lot of, such as pinks and purples or colours that I hardly ever wear like blue colours. I finally found a trio called “smoky” which has a white shadow, light grey shadow and darker grey shadow.I am always wearing these kinds of colours so I thought it would be good to buy them and they, as well as the nailvarnish, were €1.99 each. Other surprises I found at Lidl were the BB Cream which fortunately was in the “Light” shade. There was only one tube left so I grabbed it. That cost €2.99 and then I saw 3 kinds of face masks in sachets. I bought the Pure version for normal to combination skin and the Aqua version for dry skin. They were great value at 69 cents each per 2- sachet pack. I saw they had the perfume that beauty addicts and beauty bloggers are raving about, Suddenly Madam Glamour, the Chanel Mademoiselle smell-alike. I love Chanel Mademoiselle, so I bought it. It was €2.99. It really does smell like Chanel Mademoiselle! A few sprays from the tester  lasted me over a day. 

Elvive by L’Oreal is one of my favourite brands of hair products, and as soon as I saw that they had double packs of shampoo on promotion for €3.99, I bought two. One for coloured hair and one for the times of the year when I notice that my hair is weaker than usual.

 On Tuesday, we went to Kiko Makeup Milano.When I looked on their website this week, I noticed the Limited Edition collections I like at the moment which are Rebel Romantic and Midnight Siren. There were some products in there that I really liked so I opened an account on the website, put them in my WishList and bought them when I was at the shop so I could try the testers that were with the products there. I bought the Intensely Lavish Lipstick in Mild Sangria (04) €6.90 with a matching lip pencil in the same shade €4.90 and I also bought the Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow in 03 Attractive Plum (€7.90) and the Matt Muse Liquid Lipstick in 03, Etherall Pink (€6.90). These were both from the Midnight Siren Collection.

Three years ago, I discovered Kiko Makeup Milano’s Smart Lipsticks, which give intense colour and are moisturising and which I have blogged about in another post. I bought two of those in shade 914 (Amaranth, a purple shade) and shade 918, Classic Rose. They were on promotion at €2.90 each. The normal price is €3.90 and so they are still good value. 
Just over week ago now, a branch of Primark (flagship store, nonetheless! ) opened near us, and so we went to see that as well. We scoured the 1.200 square metre store and  I ended up buying a really cute but classic beige vanity case style make-up case with black dots on for €6 and also a mascara for €2.50 . I have been looking for glitter spray which I’ll use at Christmas and on my birthday a few days before that and which I have been looking for for about the last year, and came across some which only cost €1.50. So that was a bargain! I am hoping to go back there soon, and I’m sure we will. I tried some clothes on but what I tried on (a coat and a jumper) didn’t convince me. I’m hoping we’ll go again soon- the store is huge! We still have 2 floors to go 🙂 
On Thursday, we went back to Lidl to get some Halloween stuff- I’ll reveal what in my post on Halloween nest week! 

Have a wonderful Sunday 


2 thoughts on “Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: This Week’s Buys 

  1. Wow! I learned a lot from this post about what I’m missing. BUT I have discovered TK Max. Okay, so it’s not in the same league, but it’s a start. Thanks for the push to look again at Lidl. I saw a notice at a branch today that they are the first UK supermarket to offer the living wage…..

    Thanks so much!

    Fran XX 🙂


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