Celebrity Perfume: In Black by Jesus  del Pozo (J del Pozo)

I love Spanish-designed things. I hadn’t really bought many perfumes in my life and had never had much of a collection for most of it. Throughout my teens, my meagre collection consisted mostly of body sprays by Charlie or Coty’s Exclamation! perfume (which I loved). I can remember being given a bottle of Dior’s Poison by a friend for one of my birthdays, but didn’t buy much perfume at all. 

In 2005, my mum’s cousin who’s really arty bought me In Black by Jesus del Pozo for my birthday. I was really happy to at last be able to have a decent bottle of perfume of my own, and especially during the year it was released into the fragrance market. 

The packaging was what caught my eye first: a simple, square box which was all black  apart from the perfume’s name and the perfume house’s: J del Pozo.  I had the 50ml Eau de Parfum. The bottle has a  round silver base, and a  round, thin clear lid. The centre of the bottle is a black circular container. It looks chic and minimalist. 

The description of what the perfumes “notes” are is here. When I first tried it, my  initial thought was that  I’d class it as more of an “evening/ night time” perfume for my taste. It seems to be quite a sweet, dark and heavy fragrance, and I found it was long lasting- it lasted from one day to another with no problems. It’s because of the strength of the perfume that I only ever used a very small amount every time I used it. I did like it though, and would probably buy it again if I were looking for a perfume for the evening. It seems quite a warm scent, and I could definitely pick out notes of vanilla and some sort of musk (maybe white musk, it’s that strong) and also some woody notes like Sandalwood  Pachouli and Amber. The warmth  of the scent reminds me of the smell of the  incense I used to buy with the same ingredients: Samdalwood, Pachouli and Amber. It reminds me of relaxing on a cold winter’s night by a fire snuggled under a blanket. It still reminds me of Poison by Dior, another favourite “evening/ night time” perfume of mine. 

Verdict: 6/10


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Perfume: In Black by Jesus  del Pozo (J del Pozo)

  1. I like reading your beauty / makeup / fashion notes. I can then pretend to know something about what is trending. Having never paid the slightest attention, it is good to be in the know.

    Thank you. XXX 😀

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  2. The best thing is to set our own trend and then discover – ha! ha! That we thought of it first. Has that ever happened to you? xx 🙂


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