Review and Comparison: Lidl Cien Q10 Day Cream and Q10 Night Cream PLUS  Introducing My “Lidl Cien Cream Challenge!” 

People have been raving about these creams for a while now and so I decided to buy them to see what they were like. I have the day and night cream. They aren’t just any cream though. They have this ingredient called coenzyme Q10,or just Q10 for short in them. 

So, What Exactly is Q10? Find out here


Cien Q10 Day Cream (50ml)
This is nicely presented in a white box with yellow details and only costs €2.99. Like with many moisturising creams, it is 50 mL which is about standard for a moisturiser. This is the first anti-ageing cream I’ve tried and the price is good. The cream itself is a nice texture and not too thin. I was expecting it to have a fragrance, but it doesn’t really. Because of this, it seems more appropriate for all skin types as there’s not a fragrance to irritate even the most sensitive skin. 

 I have only just started using this literally today because my usual moisturiser ( Garnier Moisture Match) has finished and I already had this in my drawer from another shopping trip so I thought I might as well use it . The cream is fresh and well conserved because of the foil cover on top of the pot. 

The container is made of glass and a little heavy for my liking but that’s just the format of Lidl’s face creams. The texture soaks into my skin well.
Cien Q10 Night Cream (50ml)
This cream also cost €2.99 and it is in exactly the same format as the day cream. The only difference is that this packaging is navy blue with yellow details and the cream is thicker and has more of a fragrance than the day cream. 

In fact, from the first use a very similar fragrance that came to mind was that of Garnier Ambre Solaire sun lotion and sun milk, because it smells exactly the same! Because of its thickness, this cream takes a while longer to absorb into my skin and needs more massaging in order to be absorbed than the day cream does. 
Because of all the hype surrounding these creams and all the publicity (TV ads and a feature page in Lidl’s weekly offer leaflet with the prerequisite celebrity photo to have more impact), I have decided to set myself another beauty challenge. This challenge is going to be to use one pot of day cream and night cream in parallel to each other to see whether I think they really live up to all the hype. By the end of the challenge, I hope to answer the questions “Is a 2,99€ Day / Night cream really worth the money?” and “do the Lidl creams really live up to my expectations?”. I will also be to let you know whether I would buy them again. 
At this point in time, I would rate the night cream 4/10 and the day cream 6/10. Another bonus I see is that, despite the price, neither cream irritates my skin like other cheap moisturisers do (eg another variety of Lidl’s Cien face moisturiser). 
Let’s see whether my ratings change at all after the challenge! I’m anticipating that each cream will last me at least a month if not six weeks like the other creams that I buy but I’ll let you know exactly how long they last and how I get on. I’ll update this blog with news about that, 
So, I’ll stop this post here. Let the Lidl Cien Cream Challenge begin! 


27 thoughts on “Review and Comparison: Lidl Cien Q10 Day Cream and Q10 Night Cream PLUS  Introducing My “Lidl Cien Cream Challenge!” 

      1. I bought some of this cream from Lidl’s, and my face came up in large red welts. I will be sure to stay away from it!


    1. I used a pot of the day cream and a pot of the night cream. I found the smell was nice, they were pretty standard creams and were too greasy for my skin. I won’t buy them again. Good price though for anyone who wants to try them.


  1. I can only use the night cream as both together is far too rich on my already oily skin.

    I have used the night cream for about 4 months & have noticed a great improvement in the firmness of my skin & disappearing wrinkles!!!

    I will not be using any other night cream!

    I look younger & my skin is soft, subtle & radiant!


  2. I purchased a jar of Cien Aqua Moisturising Cream two weeks ago, used it for the first time (I have never had any sort of allergy at all to the skin on my face) and within two days large red blotches appeared. I stopped the cream immediately, of course, but have now lost my 5 euro purchase price. I also wrote to Cien on 23/3/16 and – probably unsurprisingly – have not had a response from them of any sort. I will never purchase another Cien product.


    1. Angela, you did well to stop using it. I have never used that particular cream. I use Garnier Skin Naturals moisturiser mostly. I have, and never will, buy the Cien day or night creams again. I hope your skin is better now.


  3. Yes I have also used this product recently, tried the night time cream for just 2 days, on day one I had tingling and then under my eyes became really puffy and felt sore. Immediately stopped using and going back to olay, will never use this again, no good for sensitive skins.


    1. I agree, my skin can get sensitive too, although it is combination skin. Your reaction does not sound great- I like Garnier moisturisers (especially the gel cream for tired/ dull skin).


  4. I have used both creams for years now and those who know me can testify to my youthfulness. Am approaching 50 yrs old but look same age as my 20year old daughters. I recommend them to whoever I know and actually bought 4 jars for my friend yesterday.


  5. I use both the cien Q10 day & nite cream have always had sensitive skin but never had a problem with these. A pot also last me months to & even better l bought both pots f cream when on offer 99p each. A real bargain great product.


  6. I have used the Cien Aqua moisturising cream and would never use anything else. I have dry skin and it’s a rich cream……ideal for me. It also has a cooling effect on the skin. Also used Cien Urea day cream and that is good too. These creams are no good for greasy skins.


  7. I have been using cien night and day cream on a skin cindition which has greatly inproved after all these visit to the hospital. I can not believe how its change my life no more flake skin

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