12 Products I Definitely Won’t Buy Again

Today, I had this idea for a blog post that is is going to be slightly different to any of the others I’ve done before. Whereas I have always done blog posts and rated products according to what I thought of them, today’s post is going to be a post about the products that I have bought, used and reviewed that I will never buy again. The list of products is in no particular order of rating within the products that I really didn’t like, but is simply a list with a few general points about each product and a link to the original blog post that provides an explanation of why I personally wouldn’t buy the products again. So, this, instead of being a top 10, has actually worked out to be a top 12 of products that I will never buy again.

1. Sephora 2 in 1 Glitter Mascara/Eyeliner 

  • Large glitter particles
  • Flyaway
  • The applicator is very hard to use

2. Essence Lipgloss 

  • Colour looks garish
  • Looks and feels cheap 
  • Has a horrible aftertaste

3. Essence All Eyes On Me Waterproof Mascara 

  • Very thick
  • Felt cheap
  • Not very waterproof 

4. Essence Shine Control Paper 

  • Transparent paper embossed with Essence logo makes it impossible to tell how much oil has been absorbed 
  • Flimsy
  • Doesn’t mattify well

5.Cosmia Woman Micellar Water

  • The bottle’s design means some drops of product are lost every time it’s opened or closed 
  • Meant to be gentle on the skin but it isn’t. I had to stop using it because it made my skin red and irritated. it has ingredients that make my skin  and eyes sting.
  • Expensive for what it is 

See the post here (direct link) 

    6. HEMA Makeup Base 

    • The colour- very white 
    • Thick texture
    • Difficult to blend 

    See the direct link here


      7. HEMA All Over Powder Brush

      • White handle and bristles get dirty easily 
      • Bad quality bristles that deform after 1 use 
      • Doesn’t apply in a uniform way

      8. HEMA De Stressing Body Scrub

      • The grains don’t exfoliate well
      • Its scent is barely perceivable 
      • I wasn’t relaxed at all after using it 

      9. Kiko Make Up Milano Purifying Mask (Oily/Combination Skin

      • Strong almond smell 
      • Messy  and time consuming to remove 
      • Expensive for a 55ml mask 

      10. Beso EDT Agatha Ruiz de la Prada 

      • Very strong 
      • Very strong  
      • Very sickly 

      11.HEMA It’s My Beautiful Skin Day Day Cream (SPF 10)

      • Thick texture for a day cream 
      • Clogged my pores
      • Difficult to rub in 

      12.HEMA  Dreamy Body Lotion

      • Strong scent 
      • This product had a high alcohol content and irritated my skin making it really itchy
      • Not great quality 

      So there you have it- a rundown of products I won’t buy again. You have probably noticed that on the whole, HEMA and Essence feature a lot. They’re budget brands but their products are not necessarily “cheap”-  HEMA’s make up base, for example, costs €5.50/£5.50 for 30ml and their body scrubs and body lotions are in the €2.99/£2.99-€4/£4 range for 200ml of product. The thing I notice with HEMA is that their  toiletry products contain a high alcohol/ and/ or fragrance . 

      The  Essence products I bought  were slightly cheaper than HEMA’s, starting at a few euros/ pounds upwards. They don’t irritate my skin (so far). Having said that, this isn’t a personal attack on either brand, as I have found some products from both that I love- HEMA’s  glitter nail varnish, eyeshadow applicators and grey volume mascara as well as their   compact face powder and eyeshadow base are great! 

      Essence makes good budget  stick concealers and mono eyeshadows. 

      To close this blog post, I just want to say that, unfortunately, the old saying rings true with makeup/ toiletries on this occasion- you only get what you pay for. 


      3 thoughts on “12 Products I Definitely Won’t Buy Again

      1. How interesting. I haven’t heard of any of them – must have led a sheltered life. It’s a pity about HEMA as you are obviously a loyal customer. Thank you! ;D

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        1. Kiko Makeup Milano has UK stores and a UK site, but is an Italian brand. They have a store in the Westfield London ( White City ) shopping centre. Sephora doesn’t have a UK site or stores but does deliver to the UK from the French and USA sites. I love Sephora and Kiko usually, just found these products I didn’t like.

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