Review: Rimmel’s Keep Calm and Shop  Lipbalm vs Keep Calm and Kiss Lipbalm Plus an Update From Day #2 of NaNoWriMo 2015

Moisturisation is not only needed for your body, but also for  your lips to keep them soft supple and healthy. I for one have always used some kind of lipbalm  or another. I have always chosen ingedients that I know are really nousrishing and moisturising. Occasionally, I have chosen  lipbalms  with colour too but I  generally choose a lipbalm  for its  mosturising properties over colour or other factors. This is the exception to that rule. I chose this because of the packaging,  which is really cute and colourful. Here’s a rundown on each, although they are basically the same texture: soft with good coverage when they first go on but within about ten minutes of wear, my lips felt as dry as if I hadn’t applied anything so the first thing I noticed was that they don’t moisturise well if your lips have a tendency to get really dry . I bought them because I have a real tendency to want to try out the latest makeup trends.  They give a matte look to lips. 

The lipbalms are available in five varieties/ colours: 

Keep Calm and Shop- “clear”

Keep Calm and Kiss-  “pink blush” 

Keep Calm and Rock- “berry blush”  

Keep Calm and Play – “rose blush”

Keep Calm and Party- “violet blush”

I bought Keep Calm and Shop and Keep Calm and Kiss based on the colour and slogan selection as well as ones I feel fit with my personality.  

Keep Calm and Shop:



  • Clear Colour 


  • The most natural of all the shades 
  • Packaging with a pair of heels and a shopping bag graphic in orange on a bright blue background.
  • Bought at my local chemist and cost €2.99

Keep Calm and Kiss: 


  • Pink colour  looks hot pink in the tube, but  looks much paler when on lips, disappointingly so


  • Packaging with a hot pink lips graphic  on a bright blue background
  • Bought on promotion months ago at Lidl for €1.99

Find out more here


Personally, on this occasion, I felt that the packaging of these won me over more than the product quality and my points are based solely on thst fact. It might be different for you though. I think  these are  good for you if you like a product that looks  fun and haven’t tried lipbalms before as the finish is subtle. Do be  prepared   to reapply it really frequently though. I found I was  reapplying this a lot more than any other lipbalm product I have ever used.   The  packaging makes a statement though.  

NaNoWriMo Day 2: 

I made it to, and past 5K! much quicker than I thought. After two years of participating in this event, I really feel more focused on writing and less worried by wordcount. I’m enjoying myself a lot more because of this approach I decided to take during my first NaNo back in 2013 – do not focus on the word count tool- repeat: do NOT focus on the word count tool. Just write. 


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