My Favourite Shop: Boots the Chemist / NaNoWriMo 2015  Day 3 Update

I have grown up loving makeup and beauty as well as fashion, and where I grew up in Wallngford, Oxfordshire, there were very few shops that interested me. Boots was always one of them though. Aisles and aisles of makeup, hair products, bodylotions you name it- it’s there. As soon as I could, I got an Advantage Card. I can remember filling the form in was  hard work and I kept  wondering if the people at Boots would be able to read my writing which is affected by my CP. I got my card  though and with it the ability to get points and spend the points  on  producrs. I’d soend all, if not most of my pocket money there and I still like to buy things there as an adult.I’m a fan of their Advantage Card offers, and also their website and iPad app. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money there, and bought anything from makeup to body lotion and perfume to  Christmas presents.

When I was at secondary school, I would buy makeup there and also Natural Collection toiletries, in particular their body sprays and body scrubs. Brands of makeup I bought would be Rimmel, Boots 17 Max Factor and Bourjois. I still like Bourjois and Max Factor but only really buy BB cream and the occasional All-in-One nailcare nailvarnish from this brand. I also really lke the Kate Moss lipsticks. I buy the Little Round Pot  eyeshadows and blushers as well as the trio eyeshadows from Bourjois and love their mascara for sensitive eyes. Perfumes I have bought from Boots (with my Advantage Card points)  are Dior’s Pure Poison, Chanel’s Coco Mademoselle, and  Cristima Aguilera’s perfume  which is named after her. I bought this when Boots had a perfume sale on.

 Their Shapers meal range is great- it has saved me from hunger pangs on more than one shopping trip! Their aromatherapy products are great too. I even have a travel hairdryer that’s lasted me since I was 18 and it’s a Babyliss one which cost me £14 as it was on offer. I got my most recent hairdryer there too, it’s a Tony & Guy one with lots of programmable settings. That was on offer at £20 a few years ago.  

I’d recommend Boots to anyone who loves health and beauty. They have great 3 for 2 offers! 

NaNo Day 3 

I have written 9,000 words and am pleased with my story. 


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