Cheap & Chic- My Top 5 Favourite  Toiletries Products (£1-£4 price range) Plus NaNoWriMo Day 5 Progress 

Firstly, I need to appologise to my readers about the lateness of this blog post. I was off in NaNoLand! 

I  was thinking about my blog, and came up with the idea of a Cheap & Chic list of the quality products that I love but that I haven’t had to “shell out on” and which give me great results every time. 

1.Boots  Essentials Cucumber Cleansing Lotion . I love the freshness of this range and my skin feels refreshed and cared for after I use it. £1.50 


2: Suddenly Madame Glamour 50ml (17fl oz) I read so many articles about this perfume being the “budget”  Chanel Mademoiselle, and I was sceptical at first but the similarity is amazing, and it’s only €3.99/ £3.99 a bottle! 

3:Cien Soft creme 250ml This is now my go-to moisturising cream for very dry areas of skin and makesa great   hand cream. €1.99/£1.99

4.Montagne Jeuneusse facemasks I have been buying these for years and love the chocolatey ones as well as the self heating ones. I find peel off ones too hard to use bcause of my coordination.  My only qualm with this is that it would be great if these masks were available in tubes as a sachet lasts for 1-2 applications tops.  I’d love to be able to use this product longer without having to buy a new sachet as they cost £1 per sachet at least. 

5.Lidl Cien Facemasks I’m surprised by the quality of these masks and they are very comfortable and barely noticeable when on.  They come in packs of 2 and there’s plenty inside each part of the sachet for a  good coverage of the face/ neck.  69 cents/ 69p per duo sachet (5ml  of product approx for the sachet in total).

Stay tuned for my Top 5  beauty  buys! 

NaNoWriMo Day 5 

5 days of writing already. I’m at 15K and got a message back when I was around 10K from an ML (Municipal Liason)  I know from an online critique group saying I’m doing well. I’m pleased for myself, but it’s nice that someome else acknowledges my progress and congratulates me. Onwards and upwards towards 20K!  I like the way the NaNo site has changed this year and the fact that there are more particuption badges to  visibly mark  milestones and spur participants on than there were last year. It’s a nice touch. 


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