Cheap & Chic : My Top 5 Favourite Makeup  Products (£1-£4 price range) Plus NaNoWriMo Day 6 Progress 

1: Chit Chat Highlighter from Poundland £1


This is such a great product and it lasts ages- I have had mine for coming up 2 years and because of my writing commitments in the past few years, I haven’t been able to always commit to a full makeup routine every day, but when I have, this product has given great results every time. 
2: HEMA Volume Mascara in Grey £4.25/€4.25
The only (so far) grey mascara I have been able to find that’s not designer and/ or hugely expensive. Gives good volume and coverage  although the brush  is slightly  too narrow to be a “true” volume brush. The colour is a gorgeous dark charcoal grey and the formula is creamy. 

3:Kiko Makeup Milano Smart Lipstick £3.50/€3.50

If you follow my blog updates regularly, by now you’ll know a lot about these lipsricks. They are so creamy and the colours are vivid and varied. You can often get them in the sale for at least £1/€1 cheaper than their original price, although neither price breaks the bank. 

4: MUA  Pro Eyeshadow Base £2.50

This is my favourite eyeshadow base when I’m on a budget- it’s creamy, has a light texture and is a great skin colour so needs not too much blending.  This is another product I talk alot about on here too! 

5: Essence Lip Pencil £1.99/€1.99

Essence has let me down for many of it’s products. This is the exception. I have these in red and nude and they are  very creamy and easy to blend.  

NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 6 

I’m now at 18k


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