My NaNoWriMo 2015 Double Up Day Progress

This is a tradition every year and today luckily it falls on a Saturday which means I will have more time to really get down to my writing. So far, I have not managed to dictate 5000 words per day which was something I thought of doing when I first started National novel writing month, it is just too much for me with everything else I have to do in a day. Relaxation time is important too! The aim of today is to either double your total word count or double the amount that you write in a day. Given that my word count is already 18,000 words, I would say that the second aim is more likely for me today. Usually, in any given day, I dictate between 2000 and 4000 words .It’ll be interesting to see how much I get done today!

Progress: 16:54 PM – 3,000 words- OK, so that wasn’t quite double my usual word count, but it was a good shot and good forward progress on my current WIP. I didn’t do more because weekend afternoons/ evenings are busy for me from the time my partner gets in from work and they go so quickly. We spent the afternoon watching a few films (An Accidental Friendship, Evelyn and Ambulance Girl). I can sometimes get inspiration for writing from what I see on TV. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but do like my films and especially those with interesting characters/ plots. 
Earlier this year, I did a course called Start Writing Fiction which is run by the Open University (OU) and posted on The course came at a useful time for me because I had written a fantasy trilogy and wanted to change genre to fiction. I was doing Camp NaNoWriMo and writing a fiction novel at the time. The course gave me some great pointers and suggested we keep a notebook specifically for character building and other novel notes. I had already been doing this for a number of years in my iPad and now have a separate place there just for character notes. I spent some time fleshing out characters in my novel yesterday and am happy with my progress. I have always thought NaNoWriMo Double Up Day was a good idea from the point of view that it allows you to strive for a word count target in a day and to better your average word count for a day, but it’s a shame it, and so much of NaNoWriMo, is focused around people donating to The Office of Letters and Light (the organisation who runs it). The day offers prizes to people too. 

I was pretty glad when I saw there was an option to opt for a prize (if your’e chosen) WITHOUT donating anything. There were various prizes on offer including a few signed books which interested me. The laptop I have has been playing up since I was bought it by my dad in 2008 and is so slow. Laptops, and computeers in general aren’t great for me because of my coordination and eyesight, but thanks to Dragon dictation I can use it, and any other computer. 
I’m not strapped for cash at the moment, but I am still in the process of saving for my powerchair and that means I must prioritise what I spend and where. Of the years I have done NaNoWriMo, I have donated once so far and that was about $10 which is the lowest amount you can donate to get a halo icon on your profile. 

I am hoping tomorrow will be another busy productive day of dictating and I hope to reach the next milestone to get my 25K words participant badge. 


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