Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Cosmetics Advent Calendar Cube – Lips (Lidl) 

This year, I am jumping on the bandwagon for cosmetics advent calendars rather than one stuffed with chocolate. Cadburys chocolate advent calendars have been a tradition in our family for so long, but this year I decided I wanted a cosmetics Advent calendar as soon as I saw it in the weekly offers magazine. The one that I bought is made by Boulevard de Beaute, and is the same brand of make up that has taken Lidl by storm. I recently bought three eyeshadow compacts from there by the same brand . I still haven’t reviewed them yet and will do so tomorrow, because they require an in-depth review .
 Just for price purposes for this blog post, the eyeshadow palettes cost €3.99 each for a six shadow palette. The Advent calendar cost me €9.99. It is the size of a cube – shaped box of tissues (e.g. the Kleenex ones that Boots stocks) and has a cute little lip design printed on a black background with a picture of some of the lip gloss colours. There are two models really (nails and lips) but I decided to get the lipgloss cube because I use lip glosses and lip products more than nail products. As with any Advent calendar, there are 24 items in this one. You get a mini size lipgloss every day which is a very cute idea for beauty fanatics like myself. I don’t often wear glasses but with the festive season coming up I wanted to have a product that would give me shine on my lips. From the beginning of December onwards, I will be reviewing the lip gloss colour that I get every day so you can get an idea what this product is like. From the picture on the box, I already like the colours that are mentioned because they are pink/purple colours which are the type of ones that I already wear when I wear lip products so I think I’m going to like them.


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