Review:Boulevard de Beaute  Look in a Box Palettes 

I was very excited when I saw these in Lidl and really couldn’t decide which one to get when I was in the shop, so I ended up buying them all. I had never heard of this brand before and so googled it before I went to the shop and the results came back with blog posts in various languages. I used Google translate to translate them and also had a look at the photos of the products. I found some videos on YouTube too. First of all, I thought I would just buy the natural shades (Charming Naturals palette) seeing as I am always wearing natural colours and then I wanted to buy the purple shades (Amazing Smoky Eyes palette). When I was in the shop I looked at the Pretty shades palette and decided that I’d actually be likely to wear all of the shadow shades available. The palettes cost €3.99 each, and each one has six eyeshadows and a double ended applicator. There is also an application guide with ideas on looks for each palette which I think is quite a cute idea. There’s a mirror as well so you can use them wherever you are.

Charming Naturals Look in a Box palette

Shade 1 – Cappuccino – very light brown with a slight shimmer  

Shade 2 – Pearlescent Nude – cream with a slight shimmer 

Shade 3 -Dusk – matte light brown

Shade 4- Powder – pale peachy pink

Shade 5- Taupe – pale brown shimmer 

Shade 6 – Sheer Rose – baby pink



Pretty Bright Eyes Look in a Box palette

Shade 1-Touch of Gold – very light matte gold 

Shade 2- Porcelain – creamy shimmery nude 

Shade 3-Cotton Candy – pale shimmery pink 

Shade 4- Grey Pearl – pale, matte grey

Shade 5- Pink Lotus –bright shimmery pink

Shade 6- Bronze Goddess – matte bronze 


Amazing Smoky Eyes Look in a Box palette

Shade 1-Purple Haze – matte lilac 
Shade 2- White Sparkle– white shimmery eyeshadow

Shade 3-Midnight Sea – purple with silver glitter

Shade 4-Silver Slate–matte, dark purple

Shade 5-Mary Rose – pale shimmery baby pink 

Shade 6-Black Pearl – dark charcoal grey with a slight shimmer


After trying the shades, I am disappointed with the palettes as the eyeshadow is very flyaway and most of the colours don’t look pigmented at all when on (except perhaps the dark shades) . If I was to buy any of these again, I think that I would actually buy just the Amazing Smoky Eyes palette , because the shades are darker and contrast much better with my eye colour than the other shades, although each shade is soft to apply. 


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