Review: Cosmia Woman (Alcampo)  Makeup Remover  for Sensitive Eyes

This is a product I bought back in August together with the  Micellar Water from the same brand. It looks really bright blue but it’s actually clear when you use it. There seems to be a high content of water in the product which makes it refreshing. It has a gel texture which I like. Best of all, a little goes a long way and it doesn’t irritate my eyes or the skin around them. I did find I needed to use it quickly after I put  it on a cotton pad  though, because otherwise the cotton wool absorbed the product before I could use it. I have used other eye makeup removers, for example Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover Gel  that were gel-based and it seems the absorption of the product into the cotton wool is not unique to the Cosmia Woman Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes, but a feature of all gel-based eye makeup removers.   It is quite sticky but I notice that with other gel eye makeup removers too. 

The product is extremely gentle and is part of their “Daily Use” range of products. The amount you get is 125ml, the same as more expensive eye makeup remover brands  such as Nivea or Sephora. The price is €2.14 and so it’s great value.  

Verdict 9.5/10


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