Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: New Tops for Autumn! 

This week, I saw that there was autumn fashion in Lidl. For a while now, I have been very interested in buying something in a mustard yellow colour which I saw was all the rage when I went to Primark last . Lidl were going to be offering double packs of longsleeved T-shirts, and each T-shirt was a different colour. There was either a choice of black and dark grey in the same pack or a creamy white colour and yellow mustard colour together. I have a lot of black and grey T-shirts because they go with everything so I couldn’t resist the cream/mustard colour combination . The packs of T-shirts cost €8.99 and it turns out that the ones I bought look great on me. I also originally bought some ankle length Wellington boots that were also being sold and unfortunately had to end up taking them back , because the opening of the boots were too narrow for my partner to get my foot into. My feet have always been between a UK size 4 and 5 (37 to 38 in Europe). My feet are narrow but the thing is that because of my CP I don’t have any mobility in my toes and never have done and also have barely any mobility in my ankles, so wearing boots is a difficult task, although I love them. I do have some that fit really well but I just need to pick the right style for them to be able to do so. Nevermind, I hope that I find the right pair of boots for me soon! I’m looking forward to wearing the tops, which are cotton with small buttons at the front. Photos coming soon! 


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