Happy World Prematurity Day 2015

Today, 17 November, is World Prematurity Day.
I was born at the start of 29 weeks together with my identical twin and we each weighed two pounds six ounces. Many premature babies are born every day all over the world and some survive, some don’t. I feel fortunate enough to have survived despite the fact I live with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy , hydrocephalus and blindness as a result of what happened when I was born. I wish my twin Natalie were here today, but she lost her fight to live nine days after we were born.
 I celebrate prematurity by wearing purple (which luckily is my favourite colour) and hope that in the future more research can be done to prevent babies being born prematurely.
 Natalie’s and my prematurity could not have been avoided.

 Perhaps, with the right knowledge and research, the amount of babies born prematurely will decrease. That’s my hope anyway

Makeup: Kiko Makeup Milano Smart Lipstick in Amaranth 

Kiko Makeup Milano Moon  Shadow 03  Attractive Plum 



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