Unconditional Body Love  # 11- Gratitude 

Society always teaches us to be grateful for the small things in life and make the most of what we have. I am really into fashion and beauty and my dark hair means that auburn/ mahogany/ red hair dyes look great on me. There have been many times I have been complemented on my chosen dye shade. I really like my blue eye colour and how a grey eyeshadow makes my eyes “pop”. I am grateful for my slim wrists and fingers which mean I can pull off most types of statement jewellery. 

I am grateful for my fashion sense and have always tended to take pride in my appearance because of a combination of this being a confidence booster for me and also making me relax. When something stresses me out, I spend time applying makeup and I automatically feel better. It’s for this reason, and the fact I love being pampered, that I will choose toiletries with nourishing, nutritive and highly moisturising qualities. I also love essential oils and am a fan of lavender oil. I made a promise to myself last year that I would buy only quality makeup and toiletries.

 To make myself feel extra special, I always save the best makeup and toiletries for the most important dates (eg Christmas and my birthday). I get really excited still when choosing my outfit and makeup for these dates, and like to look as glam as possible. From a young age, and just by experimenting with makeup, I was able to learn and nail, looks that flatter me without resorting to asking shop assistants or friends or reading makeup guides. I’m really grateful I can physically apply my own makeup and tend to buy the things I can apply (eyeshadow, lipstick foundation and powder) and not the ones I can’t which are eyeliners, blusher and nail varnish. I love makeup too much despite my disability not to buy it, and everyone who knows me well knows it’s part of my identity. 

I choose makeup based on the colours that flatter me. Within that, I choose a product if it has a name that I love, too. The name has to be cute, catchy and a name I identify with as I feel it reflects part of my image and personality in the fashion and beauty world. I especially go for names and colours that say “glamour” and “sophistication” to me and this is the same for day and night makeup. I have many neutral shades and red shades as well as gold and silver ones. I love metallic and glitter hues too. I’m not a fan of brights- I feel they make my makeup look gaudy. If I buy other colours , I will buy purples, sea greens and pale orange shades.

 I love trends like coloured mascara and am loving the current trend for liquid lipsticks . I love Sephora’s Outrageous Rouge Lipstick! 


because they go on wet but dry quickly and look stunning. Before these were all the rage, I experimented with the kind of 2 in 1 lipstick-and-lip balm combinations that Maybelline sell in their 24 hour Wear range. I remember I bought a red colour but I found that the balm part didn’t make the lipstick as long lasting as I thought.

 To save time when applying makeup but to still give a great result, I look for multipurpose makeup products such as BB creams or powder foundations instead of buying a separate foundation, powder moisturiser and concealer as they are quick and versatile and give good coverage. I tend to apply moisturiser underneath even a BB cream for extra hydration though.

  I have always chosen lipsticks over glosses as I find them more moisturising. My lips have a tendency to be dry and many glosses dry them out further. I got into the habit early of using moisturising lipbalms. When my lips are really dry and cracked I use Blistex products, they work really well and are my favourites for cold winter days. In terms of clothing, I have scarring on my abdomen and near my breasts so I can’t tolerate underwired bras and never have been able to. I choose neutral colours like white, grey pale pink or cream for everyday use and purples and reds for if I want a flash of colour or for the evening. I always prefer cotton underwear and cotton for T-shirts and tops in general as it’s softer, looser and flatters my figure more. I choose classic clothes like jeans and black trousers and don’t like stripes or large prints because they make me look bigger than I am. I love leather boots and jackets because leather smells nice and because they give a smart, but comfortable, look. I can’t wear very high heels or ballet flats and don’t wear trainers much. In terms of jewellery, I love either silver or gold but have more silver. I go for delicate jewellery because it’s ageless and looks so sophisticated. I’ll look for interesting designs and colours in costume jewellery and never buy cheap earrings. I have pierced ears and always look for sterling silver jewellery. 

I have had successes and failures when dressing for interviews. I have always been dressed as smart as possible. A very successful interview was when I was wearing a dark grey trouser suit with a blouse underneath. I had a turquoise bag. The interviewer said she liked my bag. I am pleased to say I got the job.       

To finish off this post, I’d like to share some gratitude picture quotes with you. I feel the fourth is very poignant given  my birthday, the festive season and Christmas are just round the corner.  I am always the kind of peron to say please and thanks and I really value all my supporters in life. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!  



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