Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: What I Bought This Week 

This week I found a leopardprint fleece in Lidl.I already have a large collection of leopardprint stuff that I really like. I immediately liked the fleece as it was in black and white as opposed to cream and black and therefore I thought it would be a bit different to what I’ve got. I liked the really soft feel of the fleece and it warms me up instantly. It also has a hood for extra warmth Not bad for €9.99! Just what I was looking for for this time of year. The last few nights have been really cold and I have been forced to get my hot water bottle out. I am looking forward to wearing this fleece for the first time as well:) this isn’t the first fleece top that I have bought from the same shop – about eight years ago, they had different coloured fleeces on offer for about the same price. I bought them in red dark brown and white. They have a zip from about chest level upwards and are slightly thinner than what I just bought but equally as soft and keep the chill off. They are good for autumn or over layers of clothes for the winter. I didn’t used to like fleece tops and thought that they were boring and only for people who didn’t take fashion sense seriously or for outdoor activities. Now, I buy them for necessity because I feel the cold so much in winter, and year-round really if the temperature drops because of my circulation problems caused by my CP .

Circulation is literally a real pain because bad circulation combined with cold causes me more pain  and spasms as my muscles seize up more.

Winter can be doubly hard to get through for this reason, but with warm clothes, hot drinks and heating it makes it a little easier. 
 The good thing is that nowadays fashion and warmth/comfort are combined much more for the winter so I have been able to find some really cute fleece items. I even have a leopard print onesie, although this is from TK Maxx and was a present to me from my sister last year. I would really recommend fleece items from either of these shops because they are well made and they last .


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