I did it again: Celebrating my Third NaNoWriMo win

NaNoWriMo has been a part of my life since November 2013 and so this year, and this moth,  officially marks the celebration of the two years since I took the decision to persue my lifelong dream to become a published author. Two years may not sound like a very long time to some of my readers, but for me, it’s hugely long, yet has gone too quickly. The achievement is huge for me . I have always loved reading, language and words. Writing has been, and still is the most difficult part, but I don’t let that get me down. From using a typewriter, albeit very slowly and with great difficulty in infant school to using voice dictation software from then on, I have shown, to myself more than others, that there’s no way I’ll be put off reaching my dreams simply because of the severe and complex disabilities I was born with. So, today, I happily inform you, is the day that I, Katherine Claire Hayward, validated my novel via NaNoWriMo.com and was pronounced a NaNoWriMo winner for the third year in a row! 

Two things always happen when it’s validation time: 

1) I hold my breath as I paste my novel into the validation box , and 

2) I hold my breath again as I wait for the winner screen to appear. 

This last week was a real struggle with personal stuff with my grandmother Lily hospitalised and all the worry about the Paris attacks. My motivation to work on my novel plummeted somewhat. Yesterday was a freezing day where I was racked with coughing fits and desperate for a good night’s sleep. I got that last night, and awoke determined that today would be Validation Day for me. Quite recently, from last yesr onwards, Validation has always begun on the 20th of the month when it used to always occur on the 25th.This was the first year of NaNo for me that I haven’t finished on the 18th of the month. However, I’m not letting that bother me and it’s not surprising I have been distracted a little since what hppened in Paris and with gran. 

 Nothing, not even writing, could keep me busy. I’m glad I got my motivation back and was able to keep writing. Yesterday was a good run of 6,000 words in between some edits. My plan now is to keep editing and updating  my novel until the 30th. At least I know I can call myself a winner this time. There have been times this  month I didn’t think I’d make it, but I am never one to give up on myself or a challenge. 

Now I can breathe out, relax and enjoy December, which includes NaNo prize day (1st) as well as my birthday and Christmas. 

Bring on Camp NaNoWriMo. I have decided that that time I’ll be writing fiction. I have now written a fantasy trilogy, two YA novels a poetry book and a fiction novel. Not bad going for 2 years! OK so they are in various draft stages and unpublished so far, but the inportant thing is I’m growing as a writer/ unpublished author and my confidence  in my potential to reach my dreams has skyrocketed since I started writing. That said, I really give thanks for The existence of Dragon dictation for PC and iPad, without which I wouldn’t have a hope at finishing a draft. 

Thanks also to all my readers here, my partner, friends and family for your support. I love you all. 

Now that Tiffany, Clara Donovan Christopher and Marina have reached a level of fame they never imagined  and conquered the hearts of those not just in the UK but in the USA, who knows where their adventures will take them? Just like all my other characters, they have earned  a special place in my heart.  and when I write I often feel I’m living their lives. 

The third book in the series will be a future project that’s in the pipeline now. I’ll keep you posted about that and other projects. Hopefully one day not to soon, I’ll be saying release! 


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