Welcome to December! 

Today is the first of December. To me, as well as to many others, December is a time of sharing caring and loving as well as thinking about others. As I mentioned a few days ago, Alfredo and I donated food to a food bank, so that started off our good deeds. I bought a lipgloss advent calendar this year instead of a chocolate one, and have just opened the first “door.” I have decided that all this month until Christmas Eve, my daily posts will include details about which colour lipgloss I find in my calendar that day, plus photos and a colour swatch. I need to get my cards done and sent off (most will be ecards). We still need to decorate the flat and put the tree up. I can’t wait to show you what the cute felt ornaments I bought look like as they are a new addition to the tree this year. I’m starting to think about my birthday and Christmas looks (both clothes and makeup wise) early this year as I always do so I have time to go to the shops to buy what I want/ need beforehand. I looked in my makeup bag and I seem to have lots of glittery/ metallic/ makeup with different finishes I can use, so that’s OK. There are two shades of eyeshadow I love from Sephora Collection (the Colorful Nudes Collection). They are shade #258 “Smells Like Roses” and #295 “Fashion Blogger.” 

They both cost €11.95 but I feel like treating myself, especially after having won NaNoWriMo again. I am waiting for my Sephora voucher which usually comes in the post around this time of year. Last year at this time and with the voucher, I bought a Sephora Collection powder foundation in Light shade #21 which I still have and which I love, and a Sephora Collection Full Action Mascara in shade #04 (blue). That’s very almost finished. I love the product so much that I bought the same product in Purple a while ago. So far, it is unopened and still has the packaging seal on it. I’m saving it until I’ve finished other mascaras. I always go for glitter/ sparkle and shimmer in December and always have done. I love December not least because everyone is relaxed and happy, but because, on a personal level, the month makes me feel great. I feel like all the year’s worries melt away a little and that I am just able to chill and have fun. I love the festive, party atmosphere and especially my birthday and Christmas. I do feel that there’s a sad, melancholy side to Christmas and my birthday, as well as the new year for me. I’ll talk about that in the blog entries for the relevant days though. 

On to my lipgloss for today. As a reminder, the calendar I have is Boulevard de Beaute’s advent calendar, which cost me €9.99 from Lidl. 


Today’s gloss was a colour I was using but recently run out of: dark pink. The colour looks similar in shade to Kiko Makeup Milano’s Supergloss in shade #115 Bordeaux. The shade in my advent calendar is less sparkly though. The texture of the gloss is soft and my lips feel soft and moisturised after applying it. The gloss doesn’t have a name. Although it’s really small, I think each will do me for a few applications- I’ll let you know how many. 


I also got my hair cut too and Alfredo put the dye on for me. It’s my usual colour, shade 565 from L’Oreal’s Casting Creme Gloss range. I love it because it complements my skintone and has no ammonia. 

As part of my awareness work, I share causes on my Facebook page, Katherine Hayward my life with Cerebral Palsy. This month is safe toys and gifts month as well as political correctness month. So, be kind to one another  and also make the right choice, the safe choice, if  you are buying toys for your children or other children in your family or children in your local community. I hope this  is the start  of a great December for you .


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