Review: Kiko Makeup Milano Rebel Romantic and Midnight Siren Collections 

Kiko Makeup Milano have a couple of collections that I really like at the moment- the Rebel Romantic Collection and the Midnight Siren  Collection. Both are special limited edition cosmetics collections and have been around for the past few months. I bought makeup from the collections when I was last at Kiko back when they  were released. I looked on the website to choose my makeup as I always do before going to the store amd there they were right at the front of the shop. I trialled all the shades and finally ended up going for the Lavishly Luscious Lipstick in shade 04, Mild Sangria and the lip pencil in the same shade (also from the Lusciously Lavish sub-range of products within the Midnight Siren Collection). The red looks great on me and is quite soft and creamy. The lipstick cost €6.95 and the lip pencil cost €4.95. 

I liked the Midnight Siren Collection because I was looking for a mysterious look. There’s a real trend for liquid lipsticks  at the moment, and this collection was on trend with their Midnight Muse range. I have quite a few red and dusky pink  or nude pink lipsticks and so when I saw the hot pink shade known as Etherall Pink, I was really drawn to it because I wanted something different. In the days before I went to the store, I messaed around with my online shopping basket and created an online list. I thought about buying three of the liquid lipsticks  because there was an offer on where you got a free liquid lipstick if you bought three products from the Midnight Siren range. I was planning on buying two of the Moon Shadow Eyeshadows  which come in Glamour Gold,  Chocolate, Attractive Plum and Teal, but ended up purchasing the Attractive Purple shade (shade #04) because I have so many brown shadows. Also, I haven’t had much luck with gold toned shadows- Glamour Gold to me looked very “yellow” toned. On my pale skin, this wouldn’t have shown up. I liked the Chocolate shade and have liked teal shades since I bought the Water Shadow in #216 Slate Green from Kiko Makeup Milano (which is a cross between a  dark green and a sea green and looks gorgeous on my eyes).

 I don’t have many purple shades that I like much so I ended up going for Attractive Plum. This looks quite dark on the stick and has an automatically hydrating/ cooling  effect. I was a bit disappointed that the colour came out much lighter on my eyelids  than it seems at first glance when you open the product. It glided on well and, for me, the stick presentation helped my precision when applying it. It’s quite a pretty colour though and I think I chose well. The downside is  the price, which is €7.95 and a bit expensive, but the limited editions in Kiko are always slightly more than the regular product ranges.  I really wanted to try it though and I’m glad I tried it. 

I also want to show you the glosses I got in my calendar the last few days- today’s was a really nice copper colour. Yesterday’s was a hot pink, Saturday’s was a dark red. The shades are a nice texture and it’s great to have a surprise every day. 



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