Why I Keep a Diary 

I am a very pensive person. I see myself as kind and thoughtful and am always mulling things over. I started keeping diaries as a child and the first memory I have of keeping one was on a family holiday to Burton Bradstock and the surrounding area in Dorset, SW England when I was at least 9 years old if not younger. The last family holiday we had in that area was in 2003  during the summer before I returned to university for my final year. As it so happened, this was also the last holiday we were able to have with my grandfather before he passed away aged 80.  

Some people keep diaries because they have secrets, others because they have feelings or concerns they feel they can’t tell people about.  Some write a diary as a travel journal. I fall into the second and third categories. I remember I kept diaries on holidays and school trips to  different areas of Spain: from Cantabria in the north to the Canary island of Tenerife just off the west coast of Africa. I have kept a diary constantly over the past eight or so years as I wanted to get back into the habit of it.  Diaries are useful for recording important dates. I also write what happens to me health wise in mine so I can tell my doctor and/ or neurologist. 

I have used some diary apps for iPad and they seem quite good but many free versions limit how much you can do within the app or the length of entries. As well as my iPad, my blog is also  my diary. 

I would recommend keeping a diary or journal to anyone who is interested  It is a way of recording your personal journey through life. I plan to use mine in my memoir the day I write it. 


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