Birthday Plans 

Today I am finalising plans for my birthday next week: we usually go out for a meal and just spend time together. I am pretty lucky in the fact that Alfredo doesn’t much mind shopping because I am a complete shopaholic. That said, the what I hope will be imminent purchase of my new power chair is limiting what money I do have to spend on other things this year. We went to TGI Friday’s on a friend’s recommendation last year and the food was great but there wasn’t much selection. We both had their chicken burgers with fries and a drink. Considering that a burger and fries costs just over €10, it was a little pricey, but we left feeling satisfied which is more than I can say for the year before when the cheaper pricetag did relate to the equally small portions. I am not one who obsesses about portion size, but both Alfredo and I look for value for money in a lot of cases and we hope to be satisfied by our meals and not still hungry afterwards. 

 I’m also enjoying listening to the audible audiobook The Help. My plan is that I will only buy certain things this year, for example things that I have been hoping for all year but didn’t get round to buying. I have two Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes so far, the Naked Basics palette and the Naked 3 palette. I really love grey eyeshadow, so I really want to buy myself the smoky eyes palette. I find that you can’t go wrong with Urban Decay – the quality is amazing! It will either be that or the Vice 4 palette. I also need some more primer and will either buy a Maybelline one I saw or splash out on Benefit’s High Beam– I have the Chit Chat Highlighter from Poundland which I have heard is a really great dupe but I want to see how the real thing compares. Plus, I need some dark red nail varnish. 

Clothes wise , I have spent ages looking for the perfect long skirt and have finally seen some in Mango and Primark that I like. I am also on the lookout for a nice sleeveless/short-sleeved top or maybe a nice blouse for this time of year. I am looking for something elegant and classic. I have decided that, as always, if I don’t manage to find something in the next few days then I will just buy it in the January sales. I always manage to find a bargain then too! 

I looked at the cinema listings last night plus a couple of YouTube trailers and want to see The Suffragettes movie which is out tomorrow. I am all for rights and equality and this is a part of UK history I was actually interested in at school. We’ll see if we end up going. 

Seeing as this year has been especially tough and disappointing, I really want to have an awesome day on Tuesday. 

So far with my lipgloss calendar, I have got pink/ purple / red shades but today’s was a clear glitter shade, useful as I don’t have a clear gloss at all. 


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