Off to the Cinema 

As I wrote yesterday, we bought advance tickets to Ocho Apellidos Catalanes (Eight Catalan Surnames) yesterday. The showing was at 7 PM so we left early enough not to be too late. The film was really funny and I would recommend it. It was nice to go to the cinema as we usually watch many films online that others have uploaded. I was a bit apprehensive about the access to the cinema  but it was OK. There was a ramp in the room we were in so no steps but there was no wheelchair space as such. I was on the end of a row of seats literally in the aisle but people were fine about that. We got there a few minutes  late as the ads had started which didn’t matter as there weren’t many anyway. I always find the ads a bit boring!  We saw  the trailer for  the movie Steve Jobs whch looks quite good and interesting for an iPad addict like me! 

With  it being a Wednesday we got in for 4,50€ each as opposed to 8,50€. There are other cinemas we’d like to go to and other films I want to see. The Suffragettes movie wasn’t on at one cinema and was sold out at the one we went to. I really want to see that and it was what I had hoped we’d seee. I’m glad the one we saw was on as I wanted to see it too. 


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