My hopes and dreams for  2016

Now that we are in 2016, I want to wish you a really happy New Year and I hope that all your dreams wishes and goals come true. In the past, I always made new years resolutions, and did my best to make them become a reality. So far in life, I have achieved what I wanted to up to a point – I have participated in NaNoWriMo, written various drafts of my novels and not stopped fighting in everything I do . I have my university degree to be proud of, and have felt that way about it since 2004 when I graduated. When I think about it, I am pretty glad to be able to put 2015 behind me, as it was a pretty disastrous year in terms of what my partner and I have been fighting for years to sort out . The good things to come out of it were three new first drafts to add to my collection of drafts. I started this blog and took part in two blogging challenges. I read 122 books in the Goodreads Reading challenge, so I beat my goal of 120. 
My goals for this year are:
Get some more publicity for my blog and Facebook page

– I would love to be able to have a blog that is recognised and  appreciated by people. I spend a lot of time and effort on it at the moment, I feel like I am getting a lot out of it personally because I love to blog but would love for it to be more recognised.  
To finally buy my new wheelchair
To publish my first book
To move to housing that I and Alfredo love. We have had many years of fighting for this, this is what we deserve. 
To get married
To have my first child
To read a minimum of 150 books
To rekindle old friendships and forge new ones 
To finally be able to say that I am truly happy with my life. In general, I am a very positive person but would have liked certain things to have happened by now which haven’t.
My goals aren’t in any particular order, but I would like to achieve each and every one of them.
Our New Year’s Eve celebration last night was really good: we stayed up till 2:30 AM watching films and TV. Something else that I am happy about which happened today is that the sales finally started. They end in March. I’ll let you know what I hope to buy in another post. 
Here’s hoping you have a happy, healthy and pleasant New Year! I look forward to sharing another year of blog posts with you and to seeing what happens this year. 


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