Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic :Sephora Collection, Benefit and more

This month has been quite busy and so I didn’t have time to go to the sales. That is, until Friday. I recently finished a body lotion and also needed some more Tresemme heat protection spray which Alfredo spays onto my hair before he dries it . I was wondering what was in the sales and if what was there was any good.

On my birthday last year, I went to have a look around Zara and, not for the first time, was bitterly disappointed at the selection of clothes. The last few years that the sales were on there, the prices were quite expensive still despite it being a sales period. I plan to go back to the sales again and might pop back into Zara to see whether there is anything worth buying. Where I definitely want to go are Mango and Kiko Makeup Milano. I also want to check out the skirt selection in Primark to see if they have a long burgundy one I have been looking at on the website My policy with Primark is to really look at the quality of the items. I do this anywhere and anyway, but have sometimes been disappointed with Primark items. Most things I have from Primark are very long lasting though, and I usually find a good bargain. On my birthday, I decided that I wanted to buy myself a new outfit. So far, I haven’t managed to do that and so I hope to do so soon. The outfit I am thinking of will definitely have a skirt in it.

When we went to the sales this week, I headed straight for Sephora because during December there was an offer which was only for Sephora Black card holders ( of which I am one).The offer was that I’d be given a free €10 gift card from the store for any purchase over €60 (before discounts) and if I spent €120 (which I never do on hardly anything) then the gift card would have a value of €20. As what I bought on my birthday came to over €60, I was given a gift card. At first, I couldn’t decide what to buy and spend quite a lot of time looking on the website as I always do before going to the store. A long time ago I had heard lots of good things about the High Beam primer by Benefit. I checked out the prices on a few websites and saw that it retailed at €28. 50 in a department store and €28 in Sephora. I am not that great at maths but I worked out that if I had €10 off I would only have to pay €18. (Given that this turns out to be £12 and that it is a Benefit product, it seems quite a good price). €18 for a 13 mL product seemed quite expensive to me at first but then I thought that I have had the dupe of this product, Poundland’s Chit Chat Highlighter, for a long time and that one is 12 mL. I am still halfway through that one. I decided to buy the High Beam primer because I fancied a treat and wanted to buy High Beam not only be it to be able to use the real thing for myself but also so I would be able to test it out before writing a comparison blog post between it and the Chit Chat Highlighter. That blog post is coming soon! I made a promise to myself a couple of years ago that I would only buy quality cosmetics and form my collection of products from brands that I really love which are worth every penny rather than cheap cosmetics aren’t worth the money.

So,my gift card gave me €10 of the highlighter and I did get it for €18.I had a look around the store and saw that Sephora’s Colorful eyeshadows were on sale. There were two offers on Sephora’s own brand make up products: a 3 for 2 offer on any full price products, and also Colorful eyeshadows at three euros each. The eyeshadows usually sell for €11.95 each. Not all of the colours were in the sale, but I felt lucky enough to find three colours that I really liked on the website in the sale. They are Colorful eyeshadow # 32 Pop Star. This shadow is part of the collection of shades with a “mirror” finish. Recently, I saw a YouTube video review of this shade and was amazed at how it looked. The shadow is a dark graphite grey. You may think I have so many grey shadows, and I know I do, but I have always found grey a wearable, sophisticated colour that makes my eyes pop. I wanted to see how a mirror effect eyeshadow looked. This is the first shadow that I have with this finish.

I also bought shade # 01, Animal Instinct. This is a dark olive green with gold glitter.

Lastly, I bought shade # 31, a dark lavender with silver glitter. This shade is called Fairy Princess.

I was very glad to see shades 32 and 31 on sale. I bought shade 01 to see how it looked, and because olive is a shade of green that looks great on my eyes.

In fact, I almost bought shade 31 on my birthday. and am glad I didn’t because it was full price (€11.95) then. I checked the shadow selection in the store quickly, and saw that the shades that I did buy on my birthday, shade 40, Red Carpet, and 258 Smell of Roses, were still at the usual price and have not been reduced in the sale yet. There is still some sale time left, so it will be interesting to see what else is reduced during that time.

I would like to go back and buy some more shadows because I like the Pop Idol one so much that it would be great to have a duplicate just in case it is a shade that is not sold anymore. This is something that sometimes happens after Sephora sales, as sometimes product packaging/ names are changed and new products are bought in. My hope, though, is that this won’t happen, seeing as all the shades I bought are part of the collection described in another YouTube video I saw as “new shades.” I also like the look of one called Hollywood’s Calling, which is bright gold glitter which I think will show up well on my eyes. I was looking for a shade called Cashmere Coat, which is shade #50 and is a cream colour. I couldn’t find that one. I did also see that there was a range of Colorful Nudes, which is a collection that I mentioned a while ago on my blog but I would like to buy shadows I am interested in a shade called Fashion Blogger. The shades in that collection are €9.95 each. All those will be purchases for the next time I am in the store though.After discounts, the total of my Sephora shopping this time came to €24.99, which is less than the full retail price of the High Beam Highlighter.

All in all it was a great shopping trip! I also bought some body lotion from Le Petit Marsellais which had a free shower gel with it. I bought some of the Tresemme Heat Protection Spray and some pigmented eyeshadows from Essence which I found in the sale at €1 each.


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