First Cold of The Winter 

Today is a bit of a funny day.Both Alfredo and I have colds and I am not in the mood for writing much except this blog post . I did finally get round to deleting a couple of hundred emails from my inbox which had been there since last year at least which is productive. Neither of us get colds too often and so it is annoying when we do. This is the first cold of the winter for the both of us and I hope it doesn’t stick around too long. Usually, my colds can take at least a few weeks to get better. Luckily, Alfredo’s a great cook and will prepare home-made soups almost every day during the winter. We are both also making sure that we drink a lot of hot drinks and tea with honey. I am not a fan of traditional British tea, but do like herbal teas. My plan for the rest of the day is to read and relax and possibly listen to audiobooks again. I enjoyed A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby and so am listening to that. I plan to write a review of that audiobook, possibly tomorrow. I am usually a really hard-working person and don’t stop working on my projects until I am literally exhausted. I was up last night coughing and just generally feeling bad so hopefully I will get a better night’s sleep tonight. As Alfredo is my caregiver, I really hope that his cold doesn’t get any worse either.  It seems ironic that I have just started an online course  about  colds and influenza on Futurelearn. Maybe I can learn some more prevention tips! If  I decide to do more work on it in between bouts of coughing and sneezing that is. I am glad my wheelchair has supportive seating because my chest hurts every time I cough and so my postures are suffering more than usual. I hope to be able to tell you that we are both better soon. I was looking forward to Alfredo dying my hair today, but as my head hurts too (not helped by lack of sleep last night) we are posponing that until tomorrrow or later in the week or whenever I feel more like myself. Back in the summer, I bought 3 L’Oreal hair dyes. I’m looking forward to sharing my new look with you all. 


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