Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: New Make Up Mirror 

This week, it was the turn of the first Valentine’s Day offers catalogue in Lidl. Some years, they just have one, but this year they have two because they have so many offers. I was really interested in the professional make up brush sets with seven brushes and a brush case that were featured in the magazine but I was really disappointed when they weren’t in the shop. There was another offer that I was interested in though, and that was available.It is a foldable make-up mirror with a 7x zoom on one side. The mirror also turns 360 degrees and is angle adjustable in different positions . It is light enough for me to actually hold which is great because often items like this are really heavy and I can’t lift things easily. I find that standard mirrors that come with many make up sets or compacts don’t actually help me to see at all, even with my glasses on but I can see myself with my glasses on with this new mirror, so that is great. I have been looking for a mirror like this for years and even saw a similar one in the RNIB online shop, but it only had a 5x zoom and was more expensive than the €7.99 I paid for the mirror I bought . So far, I am happy with it. 


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