Review: Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips with Rose and Almond Oil 20g Plus My Best Winter SOS Balm for Lips In Trouble

I have had dry lips for as long as I can remember. This is despite me drinking a lot of water and also using moisturising lipsticks. Back at Christmas time last year, I got a tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips from my mum. In the UK, this product is sold in a tin. In the USA it is in a screw top pot. I wish it were available in this format, or even better, a lipstick style format, in the UK as this will be more user friendly. 
  I love moisturising lip products, but Vaseline is not one of my favourites. However, as this product was rose-scented, I wanted to try it out because I love roses. In theory, this could be a good product because roses are used in a lot of beauty products to soften and hydrate. Firstly, the tin was really hard to open. When I finally got it open, I noticed the product was a nice shade of red so I thought that it would come up pretty bright on my lips. However, the product only give lips a slight tint of colour despite the fact that I used an amount that I thought would be enough to make it show up better.

On the first application, I noticed that the product, as expected with Vaseline, was very greasy. This is one of the reasons that I don’t like Vaseline. The other is that the product felt moisturising for all of a few seconds before my lips felt really dry again . My feeling is that Vaseline actually dries my lips out even more. This seems to happen to me with all types of petroleum jelly based products , whether Vaseline or Superdrug brands (both of which I have now tried). 
  Give me a regular moisturising lip balm any day! This did not smell much of roses, either, not compared to Berkley Square’s Rose Lip Balm, which moisturises much better AND has awesome vintage packaging. 

 That said, it is much more expensive, at £6 a tub. Vaseline Rosy Lips costs £1.95. 

The only thing I like about Vaseline Rosy Lips  is the packaging, but sadly nothing else. I will not be buying the product for myself and have a lot left. My trick if I use Rosy Lips at all, is to put a layer on and then add a layer of my budget, go-to balm: Cien Classic by Lidl. 

Verdict: From my experience, I wouldn’t even give this one out of ten. When will Vaseline begin to make lipcare products that work and are really moisturising, long lasting and care for your lips? This product is probably good for you if you like a barely-there tint to your lips and your lips don’t have a tendency to be really dry.I wouldn’t spend my money on this. Best to put what this costs towards your favourit lip balm which you know is good and works well for you. If you want a great range of medicated balms, try the Blistex range which are great on chapped and sore lips. Now, they really ARE a must for winter- I have used them for years and swear by them. Even Alfredo my partner uses them and says they are good. They do cost a few pounds more than Vaseline, but are really worth the extra splurge. 


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