10 years of us 

When I was little, I imagined one day meeting someone and falling in love. For me, this didn’t happen until I was 24 years old. True, I met guys , but they really were not my type. That is why, I was glad when 2006 came around and I met Alfredo who I later would find out would be the love of my life. This is a special post for today, our 10th anniversary together sinceAlfredo took me to one of our favourite parks, and popped the question: “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” I can remember I was speechless. A whole load of questions were going round in my mind like. Are you sure? Are you sure you want me as your girlfriend? I knew Alfredo was different to the other guys I’d met as he didn’t treat me as if I were stupid or didn’t understand things. He didn’t get exasperated when I needed help with things or needed something explained again. Before we were “serious,” we’d go on mini dates- out for pizza, or to explore some part of the city either he, I, or both of us didn’t know that well. He was, and still is, incredibly romantic. He’ll buy me meals or help buy things I need without asking for anything in return. Being from different countries doesn’t seem a big deal for us, we learn from each other and always support each other however we can. 

Anyway, back to that day at the park, we were both speechless for a moment, quiet and still. Then I kissed him through my tears and honestly felt the happiest woman alive at that time. I do still feel that elation every day we are together. On 22 December 2008, when I was going to turn 26, and as the clock neared the last minutes of the day, he approached me with a small box carved with traditional Peruvian motifs and opened the box. Inside, was a red velvet drawstring bag which he helped me open without me dropping it. Inside that was a white gold and diamond engagement ring with his initials, LAP, which stand for Luís Alfredo Pérez, on the inside of it. Cue another round of tears, kisses and cuddles. Now, years on, I am so glad we are still together. 


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