Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Happy Easter From a struggling chocoholic

Today is Easter day. Happy Easter! 

I was remembering childhood Easters from times past and thought of all the family gatherings we had (usually at my grandparents’- now gran’s house) in Buckinghamshire. The memories came to me probably because I am always thinking of writing  projects, and especially now, with Camp NaNoWriMo a mere 5 days away. My Easters were filled with chocolate eggs given by family and my parents. 

On Easter morning, parents would always lay the Easter eggs out at mine and my sister’s places ar the breakfast table so that the large chocolate eggs in their cardboard boxes with logos of Cadbury’s or Nestlé chocolate on them. My favourites by far were Dairy Milk and Galaxy. Also the Caramel varieties of each (the sweeter the better!)  The rest of Easter day was usually spent with my grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins. There would be a lovely meal laid out by my gran, and my aunts and mum would help her in the kitchen. There’d also be a variety of desserts. There would also always be an Easter egg hunt. This was supposed to be fun but only ended up being awkward for me as my CP held me back no matter how quick I wanted to be to “find” the eggs. Not only was I the last to find eggs, but my eyesight stopped me from seeing them. So much so I had to get others to pick out any stray egg they could find for me. I would also breathe a sigh of relief when the egg hunt was over and find eating the eggs was the best part! 

As Easters went by, I became less interested in the egg hunt and did not expect gifts, but instead got money some years or clothes others: something I could use.  I would occasionally buy “chocolate” scented shower gels, soaps or candles as a better, calorie- free way to enjoy what was once my weakness. 

Now, at 34, I found I was surprised when a parcel came through the post with Cadbury’s chocolate and Maltesers. Mum had remembered what I like. Alfredo and I have a way to make it last, and it’s nice to taste this chocolate after so long. My period as a chocoholic came to an abrupt halt when I was at my GP surgery years ago, getting a blood test for something different. It turns out my triglicerides had skyrocketed. After some time on medication, they went down to normal levels. I didn’t like dark chocolate for years, but have got used to it and like it now. I only eat it now and then but my body is thanking me for it.  Weeks ago, I bought Favorina Jelly Sweets from Lidl to try them. They had a lot of suger on them and I found they had no flavour barely. 

Have you ever had to make sacrifices related to chocolate at Easter? If so leave what you did in the comments. 

This week, I stocked up on 2 pots of Soft Moisturising Cream by Lidl so they are my purchases for the week. 


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